Exam Results Day Help: A Career in Social Media?

Written by Intern - 20 Aug 2012

When it comes to preparing and implementing a digital marketing strategy for a business or brand, the effective use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter is crucial due to their direct, two-way communication with current and potential customers.

Social media is not just a branding tool however; the practise can also be used for SEO benefits, content strategy, new website builds, and much more. It is up to social media strategists to come up with campaigns that will deliver tangible results in conjunction with all other digital marketing disciplines.

In the third of our digital marketing careers advice posts, we find out more about the world of social media. If you’re wondering what it’s like to work in social media, or how you find your way into the industry, read my interview with resident Fresh Egg social media strategist, Nazilla Allahiary, below.


Describe the industry of social media strategy in as few words as possible


Constantly changing and exciting, social media strategy involves using social networks effectively to reach audiences, raise brand awareness (while creating a “social voice” for these brands) and ultimately increase site traffic. It is hoped this will then convert into increased sales for ecommerce websites. Social media also includes elements of reputation management and customer service, since it is very easy for people to give feedback – both positive and negative – through social channels.


How did you find your way into the industry of social strategy?


I attended Portsmouth University where I studied Entertainment Technology; the web design module of which I really enjoyed. After I graduated however, I became a retail manager for a couple of years before I once again decided to study web design but this time, teamed with internet marketing (the latter was the part I enjoyed the most).

After completing my studies I secured myself a content producing job at a PR agency, in which I also had responsibility for the social strategy and profiles of several celebrities. Looking to extend my experience of social even further, I applied for a vacancy at Fresh Egg and I’ve not looked back since!


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What does a typical day in your role as social media strategist for Fresh Egg involve?


A typical day sees me creating, managing and reporting on the social media campaigns we have launched for our clients. I also analyse the effects of our campaigns since this helps to shape those we produce and implement in the future.

I am often tasked with forming competitions and getting the right demographic to enter them, which is something I really enjoy. I am also responsible for keeping clients informed regarding the latest developments in the industry, whether that is updates to existing social networking websites or details of newly emerging ones that can also be used to support a campaign or brand.

I also work with the Fresh Egg SEO and content teams to help “seed” the content they’ve produced for our clients. This means I’ll choose relevant social channels through which to promote the content and perform outreach for link prospecting.


Are there any recognised courses a wannabe or practising social media specialist should complete?


There are no courses per se, but a strong knowledge of PR and advertising – both digital and traditional – definitely helps! Since the best way to learn social media is to do social media, any document claiming you are an expert in the art is likely to be pretty worthless.

Like many members of Fresh Egg’s SEO staff, I am Google Analytics certified and this certainly helps when it comes to the analytical side of my role.


Could you share three top tips for anyone wanting to enter the industry of social media strategy?





    • Be active – but focused – in social media! The number of followers that you have on Twitter is not necessarily relevant for example – you need to prove that you can build a relevant and targeted social following for either your own social media profiles, or those of a client



    • Considering there are new developments on an almost daily basis, keep up with the latest social media news by subscribing to on-topic blogs such as Simply Zesty and Convince & Convert



    • In the pursuit of coming up with a social media marketing campaign that is revolutionary, many people forget to consider those of the past. Always think about how you can mimic the successes of previous marketing campaigns that have appeared both on and offline – there are many parallels between the two mediums!




Do you have any other advice to give?


Acquiring experience is imperative for anyone looking to enter the industry. However, a true passion for learning about social media is a must, and is something Fresh Egg looks for in all new recruits.

Everyone thinks that they can “do social media” but the remits go way beyond simply using Facebook and Twitter! Not only will ideal candidates also be knowledgeable users of lesser-known and upcoming social networks, but they will need to know how to operate tools designed to indicate the success of individual social-marketing campaigns (Facebook Insights is one example).

If you're interested in pursuing a career in social media, you can find out more about work experience opportunities with Fresh Egg over on our jobs page.

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