Julian Erbsloeh – A Jewel in Our Crown

With an impressive background in the tourism industry, it seemed appropriate that Julian Erbsloeh made his way to sunny Worthing to join Fresh Egg. Julian has been Fresh Egger for nearly 12 months now and has become a true ambassador within the search, insight and culinary departments here at our seaside HQ!

Born and brought up in Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany and a location that has one of the highest standards of living in the world, Julian also spent three years living in the Caribbean. While there, he managed to hone his skills at one of his favourite hobbies, surfing. Not content with keeping busy in the sunshine, Julian is also a keen snowboarder, presumably because it stops him getting bored in the winter.

Perhaps unusually for a German, Julian has very little interest in football or cars, two of the country’s national obsessions. Much-travelled, he speaks German, English, Spanish and French, and has a young son to keep him occupied.

Julian initially joined us as an SEO engineer, but has since moved into our insight team as a digital marketing analyst utilising his analytical skills to underpin our search campaigns. Previously, he honed his skills providing in-house SEO services for an online jewellery company: feel free to insert your own jokes at this point about Julian proving to be something of a gem in the world of digital marketing.

There are several people at Fresh Egg who like to provide tasty treats for their food-loving colleagues, and Julian’s carrot cake has already made him popular among many. There is one note of concern, however, because he claims he can eat almost anything and was even dubbed ”The Human Dustbin” in a previous job. Sounds like a challenge to us!


Julian’s Desert Island Survival Pack

Film: Run Lola Run

Song: Alive by Pearl Jam

Book: The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho