Worthing Digital Event Review: 'How To Get Paid Doing Things You Love'

Written by Intern - 03 Apr 2013

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Fresh Egg was proud to host the latest Worthing Digital event last Thursday. Guest speaker and digital artist, Seb Lee-Delisle, inspired  those in attendance by sharing some recent projects, and provided insight as to how he has ended up in a position where he gets paid (well, sometimes) to do the things he loves.

Here's a short recap of the event and Seb's greatest work, from our services director Nick Morley.


Seb Lee-Delisle's Pixelpyros


Pixelpyros was developed by Seb for the 2012 Brighton Digital Festival.  Almost everyone enjoys watching firework displays. However, one which allows the audience to get up close and set off bangers using high resolution projectors, and use infra-red motion detection systems to create glowing orbs of light, is that extra bit special…

I'm sure after watching this video you'll agree!

Lunar Trails

Another exciting project of Seb’s was Lunar Trails, commissioned for the Dublin Science Gallery.  It features a full-size arcade cabinet running the vintage 1979 game Lunar Lander.  The path from each player was rendered on a wall by an enormous hanging robot. Here's a video demonstration:


Seb provided honest insight into the trials and tribulations of working on this project. He explained how the arcade machine was constructed part by part, and the electronics and engineering challenges overcome to build the hanging robot. He also shared some  smaller details, including the amount of money spent on pens to ensure the best paths were drawn on the wall.

If you fancy a go at Lunar Lander, you can play online here.

Nick's verdict


It was fascinating to hear about Seb’s background. His history clearly demonstrates his passion for not only technology, but also getting things done in life, and striking off achievements by “not being as sh*t as others” (his own words). Sounds like good advice to me!

Want to know more?

For further information on Seb’s past and upcoming projects, visit http://seb.ly.

Worthing Digitial has organised various community events over the past 14 months, many of which have been hosted at Fresh Egg. These events usually take place on the  last Thursday of each month.  Details of future events to be held at our Worthing headquarters can be found on this page.