45 Key Takeaways From Completely Email

Written by David Somerville - 11 Jun 2014

The 5th June 2014 saw the very first Completely Email conference take place in London. Organised by Rough Agenda and supported by Pure360, this event was dedicated to email marketing.

I attended the second day of the event – the main conference – which featured 12 speakers from across the world of email. There was a variety of subjects discussed – from email design to building email lists, and from testing to personalisation.

In this blog post I have collated my key takeaways for each of the speakers to help give a flavour of the types of things that were shared during the day.

What Email Marketing Can Learn From Reddit – Alex Ilhan

1. Focus on content, rather than design (Reddit’s design is lo-fi, but it’s the content that engages)

2. Let users pick preferences for different email topics

3. Test everything, including the content

Email Psychology and Branding – Kirsty Trainer

4. Language and tone – what do your recipients expect?

5. Deliver consistency in what you say and how you say it

6. Colour – look at your CTAs. Do they stand out?

7. Use ‘subscribe’ links in your emails in case they have been forwarded to a non-subscriber from a friend

Write Engaging Emails That Get Opened, Clicked and Read – Henneke Duistermaat

8. Bad reader profiles lead to general, vague copy

9. Create an ‘ideal reader’ profile and write your emails to just one person

10. Be personal, inspirational and persuasive

How Test, Learn, Adjust Increased Visits by 400% – Anthony Thornton

11. Keep a record of all of your testing

12. Involve a team in suggestions for adjustments but get one person to create the testing roadmap

13. Factors affecting email traffic include subscriber base and frequency of email sending

14. A subscriber base is easy to build but easy to lose – go for quality where possible

Engagement – Looking Into the Finer Details – Lucy Wilsdon

15. Employ a typical customer funnel to your email marketing (data, engagement and conversion)

16. Consider how you are engaging with your customers at each of these phases

17. Post-purchase emails are key

18. Reward on email beyond simple discounts

19. Your competitors are anyone else in the customer’s inbox

Increase Email ROI By Leveraging Your Product Catalogue – Paul Boudet

20. Your product catalogue is a ‘window of opportunities’ on email

21. Three broad strategies are employed: capture email addresses and grow the list, create templates and find patterns in response, and resend email to non-opened recipients (change subject lines)

22. Email abandoned cart shoppers and abandoned browsers

Web Fonts in Email: How? What? Where? – Paul Airy

23. The top five email clients (in order) are: iPhone, Outlook, iPad, Gmail, and Apple Mail

24. Only iPhone, iPad and Apple Mail currently handle web fonts

25. Web fonts are great for user experience

26. Look to use web fonts almost anywhere in your email copy, but avoid ‘brand sensitive’ areas (for example, the logo)

Pushing Email Design Forward – Becs Rivett

27. Take a more technological approach to design for email clients that are popular and are used more – don’t worry about designing for Lotus Notes!

28. Use web fonts – they are good for mobile

29. Vary responsive templates

Exploring Experimental Email Code – Mark Robbins

30. Make sure you put aside time for research – read more

31. Look to web dev changes for ideas of what to use in email

32. Test lots – use emulators and virtual machines

Achieving Stellar List Growth – Tim Watson

33. Consider what your list growth strategy is –quality or quantity?

34. Ideally should be in the middle – build a quantity of quality sign-ups

35. Test the quality of each of your acquisition sources

36. Add multiple collection points onsite

37. Use partners to help your lists grow

Implementing a New Email Provider – Ata Ata

38. Consider what your business objectives are and how these are matched to a potential new email service provider (ESP)

39. Involve all stakeholders and use tools (such as Trello) to keep everyone updated on the project

40. When reviewing the project make sure you build, measure and learn

Three Email Imperatives – Automation, Personalisation and Integration – Andrew Campbell

41. Behavioural targeting drives relevance

42. Automated emails (triggered comms programmes) are growing rapidly in usage

43. Integrate all of your digital marketing channels in a strategy (ecommerce, email, social and mobile)

44. Personalisation delivers value to your customers

45. Consider your customer journey and match your email strategy to each stage, with different tactics and activities

There is talk of another Completely Email event being held before the end of this year, so if you have any involvement with email marketing, I highly recommend grabbing a ticket.

Did you attend the event and have some different takeaways from those above? Or do you have any other email marketing tips? Share them below in the comments.