BrightonSEO 2013: Next Generation Google Analytics by Head of Insight Dara Fitzgerald – Presentation Slides

Written by Intern - 18 Sep 2013

Dara Fitzgerald presenting Next Generation Google Analytics at BrightonSEO 2013
Fresh Egg's Dara Fitzgerald presents his talk on Next Generation Google Analytics

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For those of you who missed it, or for those just looking for a little recap, Dara’s presentation centred upon the importance of moving from a visit-based, or ‘session-centric’, view of your site’s data, to more of a visitor-based, or ‘user-centric’, understanding.

By being smarter in the way we measure user activity using Google Analytics, we can be smarter marketers and target visitors for their lifetime value, rather than for a single visit. In his presentation, Dara explained how to begin making this important transition by covering:

    • The flaws of treating all users as equal, and measuring all customers as if they only convert once

    • The flaws of measuring only the impact of the last click

    • The complications of measuring visitors using multiple devices to visit the same site

    • Google Analytics features – both old and new – that can be used for smarter measurement:

        • User segmentation for multi-session analysis

        • Universal Analytics for offline data and life-time value

        • Multi-channel funnels and the Attribution Modelling Tool for intelligent marketing

        • Remarketing to target users that haven’t converted

Dara also discussed a topic that has been causing SEO engineers grief for quite some time: the ever-increasing rise of ‘not provided’ keywords being shown in Google Analytics.

And so, BrightonSEO attendees were given the opportunity to sign up for a free beta trial of the Fresh Egg not provided tool. Through machine learning, the tool provides insight into the probable makeup of your not provided bucket.

If you missed out, you could still be in with a chance of gaining access to the free tool by registering your interest here.

Looking for more detail on Dara’s presentation? We’ll be publishing a full transcript of his Next Generation Google Analytics presentation on the Fresh Egg blog in the near future.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know anything more about how Fresh Egg’s insight team can help you become more effective marketers using smarter measurement, call us today on 0845 373 1071 or get in touch online.