BrightonSEO: 7 Important Lessons That Got Fresh Egg Talking

The great and the good from the digital marketing world flocked to our neighbouring seaside town last week to check out the most important trends happening now and in the future at BrightonSEO.

Brighton SEO 2015

Local search optimisation, tips on how to get your carefully crafted content noticed, and ways to think of better, more creative ideas topped the bill.

With almost 70 speakers on the bill, the FreshEgg team has pulled out eight key points from the day, to give you BrightonSEO in an eggshell.


1. Barnacle SEO can optimise your local search - Greg Gifford, Dealeron

Tag on to websites that have greater authority than you. Use authoritative directories that appear in local search to ensure you appear too. Register your business with the correct name, address and phone number, or NAP, to ensure your business appears for in local listings.

Top tips from Greg  

"Consumers are 38% more likely to visit and 29% more likely to consider buying from businesses with a complete GMB (Google My Business) package” - Greg Gifford  

  • Add in the city to title tag, H1, alt text, URL, meta description
  • Embed a Google Map
  • Optimise GMB with pictures and correct information
  • Citations need to be consistent


2.  Google could use other metrics to determine local search - David Mihm, Moz 

David explained that certain brand metrics may be used in future to help rank the business in search. For example,Google could track physical in-store visits via smartphones and this could become a ranking factor.

"If you are a business and you are not mobile, you will get left behind" - Gary Illyes, Google Switzerland


3. Paid and social creative need to be aligned - Kristal Ireland, Twentysix  

These two aspects should be looked after by the same team, or at least strongly integrated. Now that organic Facebook posts are so much less visible than they used to be, there is reliance on paid to get the message out there. However, the creative message is still absolutely key.

Brighton SEO, Krtistal Ireland

Facebook video tips, Kristal Ireland, Twentysix
  • Don’t rely on sound to get your message across – autoplay plays without sound, so ensure your message is visual too
  • 3-second rule – You’ve got three seconds to make an impact and catch the attention of your audience, if you don’t they’ll just keep scrolling
  • Stick to an average of around one minute for Facebook videos


4. If you’re part of the 24-hour news cycle, your audience is more likely to give more time to your products - Pippa Moyle, Think Productive

Pippa spoke about showing the audience why we should matter to them. She argued that content marketers should think like journalists and create content that would be part of the news channel. To do this, we need to create content that adds value, she said. It’s important not to just regurgitate other people’s content – ask your audience for their opinion and include them in your blogs, find new sources for comments and quotes. If you’re going to add to a news story, think about whether your audience will care. 

Pippa used the example of the controversial Protein World advert earlier this year, which caused outrage when its ‘Are you beach body ready’ posters were plastered across tube stations in London. Other brands, including Dove created more news from it by responding to the advert with their own take on it.

"If we want to talk to people while they consume their entertainment, then we have to actually be their entertainment" - Cathal Berragan, The Social Chain


5. Don’t rely on email. Use the phone to build contacts - Paul Madden, Kerboo

It’s a simple tip but an effective one. It’s easier to build relationships with bloggers and businesses if you speak to them over the phone rather than through a plain, personality-free email. But it's important to plan the questions you are going to ask before the call, ensure you ask open-ended questions to get the answers or quotes you are looking for.



6. Real user engagement is the best measure of content success - Christoph C. Cemper, Link Research Tools

"I can like 50 posts a minute on Facebook, does that mean I am engaged?" - Christoph C. Cemper

Building quality links is key to great content marketing. Christoph explained that social signals, such as Facebook likes and Twitter retweets, certainly have a purpose but user engagement that takes more time offer better quality measurements of performance. He argued that links to your content, user comments, downloads and pageviews may be a better indicator of the impact of your content.

“If I favourite a tweet, I have forgotten about it in the next second… Links take a lot more than a couple of seconds, a lot more time and energy,” he said.


7. BrightonSEO – brimming with digital talent, Sarah Furbank, Fresh Egg 

Brighton SEO Fresh Egg recruitment
Fresh Egg’s content marketing specialist Sarah Furbank, marketing and communications coordinator Laura Ward and sales director Ben Bennett worked the stand in the exhibition hall. Sarah said: “We met some fab people – there was a lot of great talent at this year’s BrightonSEO. It was great to get to know a bit more about them and tell them about Fresh Egg too.” Visitors may have been attracted by the amazing homemade brownies, but the crowd were also taken by our job opportunities, which also went down a treat.

If you missed your chance to say "hi", you can find out more about us here, or check out our latest vacancies and join our fantastic team.

Fresh Egg team at Brighton SEO


...Final words of inspiration from the organiser

“A new idea can be generated from remixing the attributes of an existing idea. A new idea is best understood by describing its two essential attributes. The more different or surprising the combination of the attributes, the more compelling the idea.” – Kelvin Newman, SiteVisibility