BrightonSEO April 2014: Quick Roundup and Review – and the Omelette Challenge Results!

Written by Intern - 25 Apr 2014

On Thursday 24 April 2014, 15 of the Fresh Egg team headed to the Brighton Dome for the latest instalment of the twice yearly SEO and digital marketing conference BrightonSEO.

As one of the exhibitors, Fresh Egg had its own stand – and an unusual challenge: would-be TV chefs were invited to cook an omelette against the clock. To find out the name of the winner, and just a few of the things we learned at this year’s event, read our post below.

The Corn Exchange, Brighton Dome

 BrightonSEO April 2014: key themes and takeaways

With such a varied agenda split across three rooms, it’s difficult to pick one key theme for the day. However, as ever, there was a focus on carrying out the digital marketing work we do with the user and audience in mind, rather than search engines alone. It’s nothing new – and something we’ve all known for a while now – but it can never hurt to hammer a good point home.

So, what else did the Fresh Egg team take away with them? Here are just a few key pointers:

  • Refine your processes and use your valuable time more efficiently (James Agate – Creating Processes and a Distributed Team)
  • Google isn’t the be all and end all – this year’s keynote from Malcolm Coles was all about ‘How I earned loads of links by ignoring Google’, and touched on his running of ‘social only’ projects
  • Create content for mobile first – this is where it will be consumed and shared. Social sharers are on mobile (again from Malcolm Coles)
  • If yours is a truly international business, make sure any translations are carried out by a native speaker – not just for trust, but also for search (Kate Dreyer – The Global Site Migration Monster – A Case Study)
  • There’s time to be saved when you’re link prospecting – even 20 minutes here and there makes a big difference – said Carolyn Jones, MD of Webdurance in her talk on ‘Link Prospecting: Step Away from the Search Engine’
  • The journalistic principles and tricks of the trade that have been part of the print industry for hundreds of years are equally important in the world of online content – and journalists more than ever need good quality content given to them to make their jobs easier (Julia Ogden – How Journalistic Principles will Shape the Digital Marketing of Tomorrow)
  • Test SERPs for various key phrases to understand what people click and why, then apply what you’ve learned to meta data (Adrian Durow – Think Eyes… Not Just Keywords)
  • When moving over to Universal Analytics (UA) from the Google Analytics (GA) we know and love, keep your old profiles running so you can test UA fully before updating your main profile (Dara Fitzgerald – Universal Analytics is Out of Beta… So What Now?)
  • The Future sessions after lunch in the Studio Theatre, including talks by ZenithOptimedia’s Rich Kirk, Linkdex’s Matt Roberts, Taboola’s McKenna Sweazey and Expedia’s Jose Truchado were the hot ticket – with a one-in-one-out door policy and a lot of social love
  • Digital people can sure make a quick omelette (more on that to follow)

Dr David Sewell – Google as predator and the evolution of search

Dr. David Sewell, Fresh Egg SEO Consultant

Our very own Dr David was invited to present his talk on Google as predator and the evolution of search to the Corn Exchange audience. David talked about how Google started as a small fish in a big pond, and is now a bigger fish in a global pond. As Google displays characteristics of a predator, David gave us some key strategies for survival in search, including rapid adaptation and thriving on new opportunities.

You can view David’s slides here.

We’re pleased to say it seems David’s talk was a success, with plenty of friendly tweets flying round the Twitter-sphere: 

The Omelette Challenge

If you popped by our stand, you would have seen the lovely Laura Ward overseeing proceedings – and the Omelette making competition, a la Saturday Kitchen.

Abby and Laura: omelette champions!

We had plenty of entrants and the Corn Exchange soon filled with the smell of cooking eggs. After lots of frantic whisking, careful flipping and the odd spillage or two, the lovely Laura (@LauraOfBrighton) and Abby (@Brightonchamber) of Brighton Chamber of Commerce emerged as the quickest omelette makers, with our own director of search strategy Duncan Heath and PPC manager Sheila Puertollano coming in a close joint-third.

Check out the Vine below of Sheila and me battling it out in the egg-based bonanza:

Big thanks as ever go out to Kelvin and the SiteVisibility and Rough Agenda teams – see you all in September!

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