BrightonSEO September 2013: 12 Key Takeaways

Written by Intern - 16 Sep 2013

One of the south coast’s best-loved free digital marketing festivals, BrightonSEO returned to the Brighton Dome, Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre on Friday 13 September 2013.

Photo of the main BrightonSEO stage in the Brighton Dome - September 2013
BrightonSEO September 2013 in full swing

Fresh Egg was there, with our usual stand and an exciting new tool. BrightonSEOers had the opportunity to sign up for a free beta trial version of our ‘not provided’ analytics tool, which proved popular among a savvy crowd already tired of Google Analytics’ least useful ‘feature’.

If you missed out on signing up for the trial on the day, don’t panic. Head over to to register your interest.

Then of course there was the talk on the theme of Analytics from our head of insight, Dara Fitzgerald.

Dara Fitzgerald presenting Next Generation Google Analytics at BrightonSEO 2013
Fresh Egg's Dara Fitzgerald presents his talk on Next Generation Google Analytics

Dara talked through some of Google Analytics’ more advanced features, new and old alike, such as universal Analytics and visitor remarketing, helping us all think a little smarter when it comes to measuring the impact of our marketing efforts.

We’ll be publishing Dara’s Next Generation Google Analytics slides soon. Follow @FreshEgg on Twitter to be the first to know.

That’s enough of the shameless self-promotion – what did we learn from BrightonSEO September 2013? We gathered the Fresh Egg troops to find out what people learned throughout the conference.

BrightonSEO September 2013 summed up:

Nicola Moody, senior account manager:

“The overriding themes of the day for me were brand, social and content.”

Mark Longhurst, junior SEO engineer:

“Content is still king, but you need to start thinking of other ways to create it rather than just copy, and market through other channels than organic search.”

Ryan Ogilvie, senior SEO engineer:

“Content was a very strong theme throughout most of the presentations I saw. The key message was you need great content to win. While this is something the majority of people in the industry already know, it was great to see some examples of successes and to understand how businesses are measuring the success of their content.”

David Somerville, head of social media:

“This season’s BrightonSEO gave us a continuing focus on the areas of content, social and more to supplement other SEO tactics.”

Sarah Furbank, online content creator:

“The digital marketing industry is still riding the wave of extreme change. The majority of speakers were keen to hammer home the fact that short term tactics aren’t good enough; that high quality content and well-thought-out marketing campaigns are the way forward. Admittedly, many of us know this, but the fact that we’re all still talking about it shows the impact this is having on the way we work.”

BrightonSEO September 2013 key takeaways:

So what did we learn? To prove they were paying attention, we asked some members of the Fresh Egg team to share their key takeaways – either from particular talks or from the day in general. Here are 12 learnings the Fresh Egg team took from (or were reinforced by) attending BrightonSEO.

Bianca May, account manager:

    • You can plan for real time marketing (Real-Time Marketing for Any Brand from Twitter’s Oliver Snoddy @olisnoddy)

Nathan Kinnear, junior SEO engineer:

    • Attention is steered by the visible crowd (Real-Time Marketing for Any Brand from Twitter’s Oliver Snoddy @olisnoddy)

    • YouTube is for brand awareness – it does not drive traffic (Video Hacks from Distilled’s Phil Nottingham @philnottingham)

    • Keyword research is like panning for gold – rather than going after the nuggets, we should be more interested in what falls through the pan (The Keyword is Dead; Long Live the Keyword from Propellernet’s Stefan Hull @stefanjhull)

Stefan Hull presenting on the main stage at BrightonSEO 2013
Propellernet's Stefan Hull: The Keyword is Dead, Long Live the Keyword

Mark Longhurst, junior SEO engineer:

    • Avoid sales talk within content

    • Nice design is imperative

    • Always think of your customers – from writing content to design, videos, social networking and PR

Nicola Moody, senior account manager:

    • The future is all about building your brand online and producing valuable and interesting content that matches the audience intent

Ryan Ogilvie, senior SEO engineer:

    • Do more with video; create fantastic content

David Somerville, head of social media :

    • Consider where to host your video depending on the goals of your video content (Video Hacks from Distilled’s Phil Nottingham @philnottingham)

    • Don’t ignore on page marketing – 70% of traffic still lives in the longtail (On Page Content Marketing from Verve Search’s Lisa Myers @LisaDMyers)

    • To get the best results from testing social media, use your own data (The Ins & Outs of Testing Social from Moz’s Jennifer Sable Lopez @jennita)

Favourite session and why:

We surveyed our office attendees and the session that came out on top by a mile was Phil Nottingham’s talk: Video Hacks.

(Brace yourself for some strong language and memes: if you weren’t at Phil’s presentation, you’ll find the most useful information from slide 12 onwards)

What made Phil’s talk so great? It was packed with simple and easy-to-follow practical tips that can help all of us marketers get better at creating great videos for our clients and businesses. His passionate and personable presentation style went down a storm too!

Phil also won our ‘best person to follow on Twitter’ award – get yourself in on the action by following @philnottingham.

Also worth a special mention is Moz’s Jennifer Sable Lopez (@jennita) talk: The Ins & Outs of Testing Social.

Light must also be shone on Twitter’s Oliver Snoddy (@olisnoddy), whose excellent presentation on the power of everyday moments helped demonstrate how brands the world over can use them to their advantage

And once again, we must mention Dara’s (@darafitzgerald) Next Generation Google Analytics presentation. His session talked the Dome audience through the (not easy) move from single visit metrics to measuring the lifetime value of a visitor. As we said earlier, check the Fresh Egg blog in the not-too-distant future for Dara’s slides.

Don’t forget, if you’re interested in our notprovided tool, you can find out more here. If you’ve got any BrightonSEO-related questions for the Fresh Egg team, call us now on 0845 373 1071, or get in touch online.

Fresh Egg would like to thank SiteVisibility and the BrightonSEO team for a great day – we all learned a great deal and we’re already looking forward to the next instalment of the conference!