BrightonSEO Spring 2013 Review

Written by Intern - 15 Apr 2013


Brighton SEO April 2013 Networking Lounge birdseye view
Brighton SEO April 2013, Networking Lounge


Phew – what a busy event BrightonSEO was! Held last Friday (12 April 2013) at the Brighton Dome and the adjacent Corn Exchange, almost 2,500 people attended, and for the first time a multi-track itinerary was in play. This saw the digital marketing event bigger – and better – than ever before.

We’re happy to say our stand’s coconut shy proved very popular, as did our Fresh Egg-branded rock, meaning we got to chat with plenty of talented people in the industry during the breaks between presentations.

If you went to the event’s after party – and the after-after party (!) – your memory might be a little hazy as we start the new working week. The following feedback from our staff should prove a useful reminder of the subjects covered by the event’s speakers, as well as some key takeaways.


Fresh Egg coconut shy and Nazilla
The Fresh Egg coconut shy and social media strategist Nazilla Allahiary.



Fresh Egg rocks
Fresh Egg-branded rock.






What our staff thought of the event



Fuse table fun
Foosball in the Networking Lounge (the glasses-wearer is our digital marketing analyst, Julian Erbsloeh)



Please sum up BrightonSEO April 2013 in one sentence


It’s fair to say most Fresh Egg-ers ignored the ‘one sentence’ premise of this question and had plenty to say.


In terms of presentation quality, this BrightonSEO was one of the best I’ve attended. The itinerary comprised a great mixture of content-related topics and more technical subjects.


David Somerville, senior social media strategist


BrightonSEO was a great day for meeting likeminded individuals, sourcing invaluable insight from awesome industry experts, and of course, enjoying a beer (or several).


Will Barnes, junior SEO engineer


Content, content, content! This was very reassuring, since most of the speakers – and those asking questions – now seem to be on the same content-focused wavelength Fresh Egg has been on for a while now.


Nicola Moody, senior account manager


In the past, some speakers have been quite reluctant to share details of their respective digital marketing campaigns. This BrightonSEO however, saw the experts sharing more applied knowledge than ever before. I’m also happy to see content becoming a greater focus of the event.


Kat Cole, online content creator (me!)


This was a lively and well-attended event. There was perhaps too much talk regarding link building but I did see an awesome presentation about Google Analytics…” (Ed: Nice plug for our head of insight, Dara Fitzgerald, Lee!)


Lee Branch, commercial team


The event discussed quality digital content at length, but I would have liked to have heard more about the impact of social media on search.


Susie Cox, junior social media strategist



What was your favourite session, and why?




Brighton SEO April 2013, from the back.
Brighton SEO April 2013, from the back.



I most enjoyed the selection of ‘Strategy’ speakers in the Dome Studio Theatre during the morning. Ade Lewis and Pete Wailes were both good story tellers. Their talks went a long way in educating the audience on what SEO is and how it fits into the overall marketing mix, but also what SEO isn’t.


Julian Erbsloeh, digital marketing analyst


It was great to hear feedback from the ex-Googlers, in regards to the company structure, the methods it uses for site analysis, and the best and worst things about working for the brand. It was insightful to hear the questions other agencies posed them too.


Andy Burns, financial director 


What do you consider the key takeaways from the first BrightonSEO of 2013?



All content should answer a question for a site visitor.”


Will Barnes, junior SEO engineer 


Now is the time to get experimental with new Google Analytics features and attribution-modelling.


Lee Branch, commercial team


It really is important to ‘go BIG or go home’ in regards to content. The web is overcrowded and unless you (and the client) are willing to invest significant time and/or budget, your efforts could prove fruitless. It’s important to forget working to a monthly-turnaround in many instances.


Kat Cole, online content creator


It was argued that often, SEOs think “too dirty” – it’s now best to tackle digital marketing from a PR/journalistic angle (though it should be noted that quality SEO is still very important!)


Mark Chalcraft, SEO engineer


Any presentations you wish you hadn’t missed?



I would have loved to have seen Dave Coplin’s presentation about the future of search and Bing, as he is an excellent speaker – Fresh Egg was lucky enough to welcome him as a guest speaker previously.


Dawn Nicolson, marketing communications manager


I was unfortunate to miss the entire ‘Content’ itinerary in the Dome Studio Theatre, since the venue filled up too quickly. Thankfully, content was also discussed at great length by the majority of speakers in the Concert Hall, where I spent the day.


Kat Cole, online content creator


Who are you following on Twitter as a result of the event?



Alex Moss (@alexmoss), who presented the ‘Social Snippets’ session. I’m hoping to get more great tips from him.


David Somerville, senior social media strategist


Geoff White (@geoffwhite247), from Channel 4 News. I thought he was an awesome speaker, and it was interesting to hear from a TV journalist who understands SEO.


Will Barnes, junior SEO engineer


Hannah Smith (@hannah_bo_banna), SEO consultant for Distilled. I really enjoyed her presentation regarding ‘BIG’ content which drives social engagement and debate. I’ll be keeping a close eye on her tweets for further insight.


Kat Cole, online content creator


BrightonSEO video footage


While we were at BrightonSEO we thought we would ask a few attendees what their key takeaways were and whose presentations they were looking forward to seeing. We then made this quick video which you can view below.




We’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Kelvin Newman, creative director at SiteVisibility, for organising the fantastic event.


Kelvin Newman, creative director at SiteVisibility and Brighton SEO organiser.
Kelvin Newman, creative director at SiteVisibility and Brighton SEO organiser.


Did you attend Brighton SEO? What did you enjoy most about the event? Tell us in the comments below.

Perhaps you spoke to us regarding our current vacancies while at the event? More information regarding these job opportunities can be viewed here.

All photographs in this post were snapped by our junior SEO engineer (and talented, budding photographer) Will Barnes.