#ContentMarketingShow | November 2013 |10 Takeaways

Written by Intern - 15 Nov 2013

Last Friday saw the latest instalment of the Content Marketing Show in London. We headed up there to get our content fix and hear the speakers’ key themes. The main subjects explored this time centred on audience personas and the importance of strategy. Read on for our pick of the top ten takeaways. 

1.       Brilliant Noise’s content platforms model


Lauren Pope’s presentation - Why content marketing needs content strategy was clear and informative and provided a number of good processes content marketers should follow. The below slide is about where to find and create content, as well as how to publish and amplify.

2.       Brilliant Noise’s content strategy model


Another one from Lauren Pope – apply the model below to create a formula for success that can be used time and time again.

3.       Crunch’s new editorial workflow leads to instant visibility


Crunch Accounting web editor Jon Norris has decided to take a 1950’s approach to content strategy– a whiteboard and Post-It notes. He said this creates “instant visibility”, preventing duplication of work and endless emails.

4.       Use Twitter to offer an insider’s perspective


The main takeaway I took from Opta’s Twitter tips from @OptaJoe presentation was to use Twitter to offer your followers access to information they would otherwise not be able to get hold of.

5.      There is a disconnect between people who can write and people who know what they’re talking about


Passle has created a Chrome extension to bridge the gap resulting from this issue. Co-founder Tom Elgar explained how Passle provides a platform where businesses can add industry news and give their opinion on it, and agencies can use this to influence their content.

6.       Create detailed personas to understand your audience


Kieran Flanagan, marketing director EMEA at HubSpot, shared examples of the detailed personas that HubSpot creates to target a number of different customers, such as ‘Owner Ollie’ and ‘Enterprise Erin’, in his presentation, Inbound Marketing: The Art of Not Sucking.

7.       Over deliver – create material of worth and then just give it away


This was from HubSpot again and is a valuable point. Figure out what your audience would pay for and then provide your own version for free. Whether it’s a template or an eBook, this is a great way of providing value.

8.       Provide a ‘lazy tweet’


The last one from HubSpot: if you want your readers to share your content, make it easy for them. Provide a ‘lazy tweet’ in your emails and you will see a boost in social shares (see image below).

9.       The key to getting your content on TV is a video news release (VNR)


Video & communications agency, Bespoke Banter’s Sam Orams gave an insightful presentation on how to get your news story on television. The best way to do this is to create a VNR – a story told entirely in unedited video, images, a shot list and script.

10.       Branded offline encounters produce news, social media and links

Tony Samios from Caliber illustrated this point in his presentation, Offline experiences that lead to digital results. He used a number of examples of offline experiential marketing that produced digital hype, created conversations and positive sentiment between brands and customers. One of the best examples was a dramatic, experiential stunt from TNT.


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