Customer Workshop in Brighton, 3rd October


But were too scared to ask?

The latest in Fresh Egg’s series of customer workshops on Everything You Need to Know About Running Successful SEO Campaigns proved a great success.

Held at the Dome in the heart of Brighton just behind the baroque splendor of the Pavilion, the workshop was naturally a bit of an overview of techniques and approaches – whetting the appetite and giving some insight into how Fresh Egg works and why we need our clients to be up to speed on what SEO is all about so that, together, we can really make an impact.

Dedication is part of the solution, and we had some really dedicated delegates - Julie of RBS in particular who flew all the way down from Glasgow to be with us – but thanks to everyone who attended. We had a great turnout – 42 people in all – and you all seemed to take away a great deal from the day.

Lee, Tony and Ammon, gave excellent presentations on all aspects of running and managing an SEO campaign and in the absence of a remote control for the projector, young Dan did a sterling job of changing slides more or less on cue!

Presentations covered topics such as the Importance of search engines, what SEO can do,

an understanding of how search algorithms work, keywords, understanding site structure, the importance of meta data and the significance of good information, mastering domains, why links are valuable, the shopping process and converting visitors.

A download of the PowerPoint presentation used can be obtained here: seo-presentation1

The all-day session broke for Lunch (provided by Red Anywhere) and most of you seemed to agree that it was probably worth the effort for the food alone! It seemed to be worth it for the seminar sessions too judging by comments we received:

“This is the best £75 investment I have ever made in living memory..” Mike Farwell, Pearl Magpie.

“Some inspirational ideas which have refreshed my way of thinking. Thanks!” Nicky Karn, Grove Lodge.

“I have been inspired. Thank You!” Samantha Kilian, Ormonde Jayne.

In reality of course, it is genuinely impossible to communicate everything you need to know about SEO in just a one day session, but if we gave you insights and understanding that will lead to a better appreciation of how to maximise returns for your online business and fire you with ideas for the future, then it worked as we intended!

We also took several of your other observations on board, particularly concerning future workshops you’d like to see covering Google Analytics and Creating Better Site Content. We’ll set to work on those and let you know about them in due course. Google Analytics seems to be one area you’re keen to explore further and we are fortunate in having Nikki on board to cover that one!

Please call Dan Wotton on 01903 24 77 88 to discuss Fresh Egg’s Google Analytics services in more detail. Speak to Dan if you want to discuss any further training opportunities – whether you want us to come to you and present a workshop to other members of your staff or if you’d prefer to come to our bespoke Training and Workshop facilities here at Fresh Egg.

It was great to finish off the day with those of you who could join us for a few drinks in what was a buzzing (but very bracing!) Brighton October evening! Equally useful will be the introductions made between our clients.

There’s lot’s of opportunities for you to exchange contacts and ideas with each other that would be mutually beneficial for your businesses – not just for your web sites and SEO campaigns – so don’t be strangers to each other!