Fresh Egg Hack Day 2012

Fresh Egg Hack Day 2012The time all Fresh Eggers have been eagerly waiting for is nearly upon us…

Hack Day makes its welcome return tomorrow (Thursday 25 October 2012).

Why are we so excited, I hear you ask? It’s because Hack Day is the day we get to turn up to work, put some heads together that might not normally do so and crank up the creativity meter to 11: I can hear the cogs turning already.

What the hack?

(Pun lovingly borrowed from our very own pun-tastic Laura Ward)

The first public Hack Day took place between 29 and 30 September 2006 at Yahoo’s Sunnyvale campus in California. Since then, Hack Days – days devoted to encouraging everyone to get together in teams to create and share fun and innovative ideas – have been held by many companies around the world.

It’s not just about getting geeky with technology, either (although we do love a bit of that). It’s about making the most of the wide range of skills and ideas everyone across the whole company has – and having a bit of fun, to boot.

Not one to be left in the dark, Fresh Egg held its first Hack Day in June 2011. The ideas (followed by the beers) flowed freely, resulting in a number of innovations being permanently implemented since the inaugural day.

That was hack, this is now

And so to 2012: how is it all going to go down? So far we have 13 teams of various sizes signed up, all fighting to be crowned the Fresh Egg Hack Day 2012 champions.

Everyone’s keeping their ideas very much under their hats – not that we’re a competitive bunch at all – and any moonlighters are under strict instructions to keep their secrets to themselves. We’ll all be working on our prototypes (cardboard models made from cereal boxes strongly encouraged) on Thursday, ready to present them in no more than five minutes to a panel of esteemed judges on Friday (not to mention the entire office).

After this explosion of creativity, will Fresh Egg be the same on Monday? Only time will tell.

Happy hacking to you all!