Fresh Egg hosts VBUG South User Group

Written by Intern - 27 Jan 2012

Fresh Egg was pleased to host VBUG's southern meet-up last week as part of our new community events programme.

VBUG UK is a developer group covering VB, C#, .NET, SQL Server, and related development tools. It was founded in 1994, and is the leading developer group in the UK. The southern group - based in Portsmouth - has been using the Fresh Egg office to host its bi-monthly meetings for the last couple of months.

Last week’s session was well attended and incorporated two separate short presentations; one from our Head of Design, Ollie Battams, and the other from Fresh Egg Web Developer, Stuart Stubbs.

Stuart spoke about building Facebook Applications. He gave an introduction to the key steps you need to carry out to start developing within Facebook. There was some good debate around the ethics of data capture and gotchas with using the development sdks.



Ollie then gave a short presentation on some of the latest techniques being used and debated within Web Design in 2012. It sparked some interesting conversations around responsive design and browser capatability techniques with CSS3.




Ian Finlayson of VBUG said, "Thanks again to Fresh Egg for hosting the VBUG southern meeting for January; this time they provided the speakers as well! Two interesting talks - the post-meeting feedback forms said it all - everyone enjoyed them - and the beer and pizza after the talks were well received also!"

If you have any questions about either presentation please leave a comment or contact us via Twitter.