Integr8 at Fresh Egg: An Overview of our Integrated Digital Marketing Conference

Written by Intern - 30 Jul 2013

Last Thursday (25 July 2013), we opened our doors for Integr8: a day of integrated digital-marketing-focused presentations and discussions with some of our top consultants available exclusively to clients and friends of Fresh Egg. With breakfast pastries, a buffet lunch and even a cheeky tipple later in the day, our guests of honour were well provided for, but what were the key takeaways of the day?

Advanced Google Analytics

Dara Fitzgerald | @darafitzgerald

Fresh Egg head of insight Dara Fitzgerald presented an overview of some of the more advanced features of Google Analytics (GA). Dara focused on those features that allow marketers and business owners to better understand customer conversion paths and segment analytics data for greater insight, and also encouraged them to shift focus from visits to visitors. In addition to this, he covered the benefits of measuring microconversions, lifetime value and how GA is evolving to allow better synchronisation of online and offline data.

— Tim LeRoy (@Timleroyis) July 25, 2013

Integration – the real power of social media

David Somerville | @southcoastdavid

Head of social media David Somerville spoke about how social media integrates with a complete marketing strategy. He also covered exciting new trends in social media, and discussed why and how to use publisher and authorship markups. The session finished with top social media measurement techniques and explanation of the value of this insight to businesses.

— AdrianaNemirovsky (@AdrianaNem) July 25, 2013

— Jamie Gibbs (@mithrilwisdom) July 25, 2013

Paid display and the future of advertising

Nathan Wood | @natewood

Global digital advertising spending broke $100 billion for the first time last year and is expected to grow another 15.1% this year. Nate Wood, our head of international search, presented on the size of the paid search and online display markets in his overview of advertising integration. He also discussed the new ways advertising will become more personalised through increases in data held by our everyday devices. With advancements in targeting and ad delivery occurring on a monthly basis, marketers need to keep up-to-date with everything that is going on. This session also covered the important role advertising plays in the overall digital mix, specifically assessing how the two biggest advertising channels – PPC and display – can complement and enhance other channels as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

Search mythbusters

Photo by Will Barnes

The afternoon saw a search panel discussion featuring our SEO consultants David Sewell (@seoeditors) and Tony Goldstone (@tonyboney) as well as director of search strategy Duncan Heath (@duncan_heath) and head of international search Nate Wood (@natewood). Questions from the audience that were covered included “Does Google dance exist?” and “Are external links still required to rank a page?”

Eight ways to get integrated now

Lee Branch, one of Fresh Egg’s business development managers, gave our final presentation of the day, sharing eight simple steps that can help all companies integrate their marketing and reach more customers. These were:

    • Focus on the audience, then channels

    • Tell stories

    • Don’t ask permission, earn attention

    • Be remarkable

    • Get into video

    • Tag your campaigns

    • Diversify traffic sources

    • Just do it

    We will elaborate further on these points in the near future.

    It was a great day, with Integr8 proving the perfect opportunity to share some best practice advice as well as discuss our thoughts on integrated digital marketing with some of our clients and each other. Thanks to all our attendees for coming, stay tuned for more information about upcoming Fresh Egg events and be sure to get in touch if you have any questions, queries or simply want to find out what Fresh can do for you.

    Here’s what some of our attendees had to say about Integr8:

    — David Downing (@downing66) July 25, 2013

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    — Jamie Gibbs (@mithrilwisdom) July 25, 2013

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