iStrategy Amsterdam – A Preview

When I was asked to attend iStrategy in Amsterdam I have to admit to feeling a little blue about it.  Not because it’s not a great event, but just because it takes me out of the country for almost three days, and our social media team is as busy as ever.  Putting that aside however, a glance at the speaker list for the conference, which starts on Tuesday 25th October, got me all excited.

It’s not easy to explain why I turned from being a reluctant attendee to a small child on Christmas Eve, but hopefully the names Randi Zuckerberg, Jimmy Wales and Noah Everett will give you a small hint.

If you don’t know them, fear not, you are not alone, but to me at least it would be like asking a 15 year old girl if she had heard of Justin Bieber.  Ok, so I’m not about to send them kisses on Twitter or throw my underwear at these guys, but they are important to my work and they excite me when they talk about one of my biggest passions; social media.

Jimmy Wales is the founder of the world phenomenon Wikipedia, Randi Zuckerberg is formerly of Facebook, and obviously Mark’s sister, and Noah Everett is the man who started Twitpic.  In addition to these luminaries are Alex Musil (Shazam), Lot Kiejer (LinkedIn) and Julien Codorniou (Facebook).  In essence, through just these six speakers, the major players in social media are all represented and that’s worth a trip to Amsterdam.

Further afield, there are also speakers from Google, Allianz, Konami, Spotify, Hyves and the global brand director of Barclaycard.  All of these people have one thing in common (at least for two days); social media.

Held at the fantastic Park Plaza hotel in Amsterdam, iStrategy has a packed two-day program of speeches, presentations and workshops as well as a serious spot of networking with like-minded individuals.  Topics include how to make a great video go viral, mobile advertising, social video advertising, social gaming, social commerce, and my personal favourite; how to monetise social media.

The entire two days should be fascinating, especially with such fantastic speakers planned and the quality of brands attending.

Fresh Egg will be live tweeting during the two-day presentations with pearls of wisdom from the greats of social media.  We’ll follow up each day with a round-up on our blog, including anecdotes, interviews, photographs and more.