Under the Spotlight: Telegraph SEO Boss in Exclusive Q&A with Fresh Egg

Last week, Fresh Egg welcomed the Telegraph Media Group’s Head of SEO, Richard Underwood, to our seaside HQ in Worthing to share insight from one of the country’s most popular UK newspaper sites.

Richard gave a presentation on a wide variety of topics, including both the similarities and differences between traditional and online journalism, how search engine optimisation is employed within telegraph.co.uk, and the impact this has had on traditional journalism.

At the end of his highly engaging presentation, which also explained the publication and timing process of stories at The Telegraph, Richard held an open Q&A session with the Fresh Egg team, which saw plenty of interesting questions posed.

As an SEO expert, how does Richard feel about the recent Panda and Penguin Google updates?  Is SEO even that important for news sites with high brand authority?  How should individuals go about securing links from powerful news websites such as The Telegraph?  And what kind of content appeals to such publications?

To get Richard’s thoughts on these queries and more, be sure to check out our video of Richard’s Q&A session at FE towers below.