State of the UK Search Industry: SES London 2010 Recap

We now come to the final session of our coverage of SES London 2010.  With interest and spending in PPC and SEO continuing to grow every year in the UK and indeed worldwide, I'm expecting a lot of talk about 'defying recession' and 'unparalleled ROI'.  But I'm also hoping that there's a discussion about the awful UK SERPS we've been seeing in Google this year, and some discussion about how the Google vs Bing 'lets launch one product every week' battle might play out in the UK.


State of the U.K. Industry Discussion Panel

I hope you'll forgive me for "liveblogging lite" on this one - partly because I'm knackered after 6 mammoth posts in one day (that's gotta be some kind of record), but also because there's a heavy focus on stats on market share etc and on PPC and its a leeetle bit yawn-worthy and stuff that other sites report on pretty well.

Lots of stats being shown on how companies are going to spend more on SEO (less so on PPC) in the coming years.  I think its short sighted to think that the recession wont touch search - it will, eventually, and just like in any industry the least efficient ones will be picked off  first. I think complacency in this industry is the first step to getting hit. We need to think about great results, not wasting time on fluffy reports  and measuring ROI from SEO (and Social Media campaigns).  I also reckon the recession is exactly what is going to drive interest in Conversion Rate Optimisation, because it can yield ridiculous increases in sales and conversions for a very scalable outlay, and its all about making your existing traffic work harder rather than getting in new traffic.  I don't think that could replace search marketing, but those that focus on CRO and prove themselves could give themselves the edge if/when times get tough.  Just a few random thoughts buzzing in my head as I sit here... :)

I think I'm going to leave it at that. (Sorry, that wasn't a recap in the slightest was it...oops). I hope you've enjoyed the coverage today, I'm now ready for what I reckon is the best part of conferences, ie chatting with other search geeks over a nice pint...