Content Marketing Show May 2013: Tips and Takeaways from Our Top Four Talks

Written by Intern - 04 Jun 2013


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Last Friday (31 May 2013) was not just any Friday: it was sunny AND it was the bi-annual Content Marketing Show. Therefore, a few of us Fresh Eggers ventured away from the seaside up to Russell Square in London to find out the latest from the ever-changing world of content marketing.

We heard from a number of eloquent and entertaining speakers throughout the day, did some chatting, made lots of notes and took some pictures.

In this blog post, we give you our key takeaways from our favourite four talks of the day, with the number one top tip from each highlighted in bold. If you’ve only got five minutes – we know how busy a digital marketer’s life can be – just head straight for the bold.

We've also embedded the slide decks (or the ones we could find, anyway), so even those who missed the day can gen up on all things content. Enjoy!


Laura Edwards – NitterNatter: How to create content people have to share



How to create content people have to share from NitterNatter on Vimeo.




    • YouTube ads: Google makes their Chrome ads shown on YouTube in a home-video-footage-style so they fit in a bit better with all the other videos you find on YouTube. This gives them a better reach and fewer skips



    • If you have a large amount of editorial content on your website, get an experienced editor



    • Plan smaller pieces of content to build up to what you ultimately want people to share



    • Think about what your target audience is sharing already



    • If you want social follower growth, choose a single platform to focus on so you’re not spreading your time too thinly



    • If there is something topical you want to create content around, pick something that divides opinions




Dan Fielder – Sticky Content: Developing an editorial mindset in a non-editorial business






    • It’s important to find your niche. If you find an answer to a question your users are asking that is helpful, it doesn’t matter if it’s dull



    • Who has the information to best inform your content? It may not be someone who’s a writer or client facing



    • You are not the idea



    • Think about all the ways you can use one piece of content



    • Practice random acts of kindness in content, be generous




Tony Samios – Caliber: Great Content marketing is about great storytelling


Unfortunately, we couldn't find Tony's slides online yet. But here's the Old Spice video he mentioned in his presentation that illustrates the power of good storytelling pretty succinctly. Meet Mr Wolfdog...




    • Make people care about your story



    • Develop an emotional connection, take your users on a journey, and stand out from the crowd



    • Storytelling engages with the human side of the brand



    • The audience should not feel sold to




Simon Penson – Zazzle Media: Content strategy – make data your friend!





The presentation from Zazzle founder Simon Penson centred on how using search and social tools can help data and content work better together. Here is a breakdown of some of the useful (and some not very well-known) tools he mentioned:




    • Facebook Power Editor – a little publicised tool that can be used to investigate data, bundling data sets together so you’re able to analyse your (or another page’s) likes against general Facebook stats. This means you can discover correlations about what your audience is interested in







    • Moz Fresh Web Explorer – helps with brainstorming around news-led content and discover places to put content into an existing conversation in order to maximise chances of going viral



    •– mines semantic or associated phrases that can help give you a breadth of ideas. Helps you stay on a relevant topic as Google makes search results more relevant to user-intent



    • Ubersuggest – mines ideas from Google’s Suggest function, which gives you ideas to capture long tail traffic



And there you have it! Big thanks to the Content Marketing Show team for hosting the event.

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