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‘Insight ideas, experts and beers’ was the strapline, and from the Storify posted on Thursday, it seems as though Fresh Egg’s first travel event delivered what was promised.


#Travelbabble Top Tips

‘Insight ideas, experts and beers’ was the strapline, and from the Storify posted on Thursday, it seems as though Fresh Egg’s first travel event delivered what was promised.

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Although some Tweeters clearlymistook the beach hut/ski chalet venue as a pub - there were refreshmentsavailable - there was so much more on offer. The panel at the event comprised ofMartin MacDonald (InboundMarketing Director, Expedia EAN), Richard Brooks (Director ofSearch, Fresh Egg), Sam Bird (Head of SEO, Low Cost Holidays) and Mark Fleming(SEO Manager, Kuoni).

Advice on dealing with the Google updates was shared, aiming to de-jargonise the technical side of why some websites have suffered inSearch Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and whether companies were capable ofdealing with the aftermath of the updates on their own, or whether it wasbetter to bring in the experts.

Stop chasing the game, be original, be different, carve a niche! #TravelBabbleFreshEgg
"stop chasing the game/algorithm" - definitely the best advice I've heard at conferences all year... #freshegg #travelbabbleNed Poulter

Richard Brooks continued his wise words bytelling bloggers they shoulddevelop their own niche, making sure they are relevant to their audienceand that their content is authoritative and specialist. In order to do this,sometimes in times of doubt it is better to avoid airing that voice until youhave learnt more and are then able to use this learning as a specialism.

Bloggers - develop niche - be specialist - authoratitive - be relevant to you audience - manage what u say #content #travelbabble @fresheggGillian Cook
Content is indeed King and:
Days of free traffic from Google to a site are OVER - you have to work hard now to build quality content + UX @freshegg #travelbabbleGillian Cook

If you are thinking about improving the content on your blogor website, here are a few take-away tips from the Travel Babble event to help you on your way:


What is it?

It is an additional, optional mark-up used in links andmicroformats. It shows the photo of the author of the content next to thelisting, and some other enhancements. Only taking a few minutes, it’s worth a try at the veryleast.

What canit do for me?

It gives higher visibility in SERPs, meaning that you areranked higher and your link is more likely to be chosen rather than lowerranking rivals.

Showing a photo and linking to a Google+ profile suggeststhat Google has verified the author and the site, lending credibility to it asa result. Trust is important!

It results in greater content consumption – as content isking; as long as the content is of quality, relevant and specialist it is morelikely to be read, discussed and shared.

Credibility, exposure, a higher clickthrough rate andadditional metrics in Webmaster Tools are all incredibly beneficial for anybusiness or blogger.

Rel=Author Use it! It can result in higher visibility in SERPs #TravelBabbleFreshEgg


What isit?

In an age where content can be produced and distributed withsuch ease, Google needs a better way to sift through it all. The Panda updatesorted pages into two piles for site quality - it could do the same with authorquality.

Why doesit apply to me?

You need to be aware of the quality of the content that youproduce. This not only includes onsite descriptions, but blog posts, comments,Tweets and other such content.

Using the rel=”author” markup joins the web of people (onG+, Twitter, Linkedin) to the web of documents that they have created. In turn,this gives the content authority, exposure, and a higher clickthrough rate.

Penguin Update

What isit?

It is the name of an algorithm update by Google in April 2012.Its aim was to decrease the number of websites that violate the GoogleWebmaster Guidelines using ‘black hat SEO’ methods such as participating inlink schemes, deliberate creation of duplicate content, keyword stuffing, andcloaking.

Why does it apply to me?

You may have noticed your site’s search engine ranking hasfallen quite dramatically. Recovering your site’s position could end up beingdifficult, costing time and money. The decision has to be made whether to donothing and count your losses, fix the problem yourselves, seek outprofessionals, or abandon the site and start again. Making the right choice isessential.

Road to a penguin recovery - Don't do nothing #Freshegg #TravelBabble Where is your link portfolio coming from?FreshEgg


What is it?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool. It is a relativelynewcomer in the social scene and is growing at a rapid rate. Allowing users tocreate inspirational boards according to interest/category, it is proving to bea great way to drive traffic to websites.

Why does it apply to me?

The main draw of Pinterest is the transportation of a linkwith an image-posting a picture from your website, which can then be repined tosomeone else’s board, carrying the link to your site with it. If the image/contentis interesting/popular, then it can be pinned hundreds, if not thousands oftimes. This not only enforces brand awareness, but also drives referral trafficto company websites. You can read more in our booklet, ‘The Complete Guide to Pinterest

You can view/download the presentation from the Travel Babble event below: 
Travel BabblePresentation slides from the first Travel Babble event, organised by Fresh Egg in London, June 2012.