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#TravelBabble: Fresh Egg's First Travel Event

Fresh Egg hosted #TravelBabble, an event that brings together the travel and digital industries.

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Fresh Egg launches Travel Babble | Fresh Egg SEO BlogJun 12, 2012 ... With the strapline, Insight, ideas, experts and beers, we're proud to launch our inaugural travel-focused event, T...
Hoping London is as warm as it says it is online. Delish lunch, #travelbabble & drinks with the fab @freshegg crew. Boom.Kat Pouwer
RT @timeallytravels: What's everyone's favourite Travel Infographic? #TravelTuesday #TTOT #TravelBabbleRichard Baxter
En route to #TravelBabble!Jamie Gibbs
Looking forward to heading over to #TravelBabble later on this afternoon! Come say hello if you're coming down :-)Ned Poulter
off to the pub i mean #travelbabble later.Niall
RT @searchmartin: OK Who's ready for some #TravelBabble? If you've got any questions you can email them to TravelBabble@freshegg.comSEO Keith
Looking forward to gleaning some expert knowledge from @sambirduk travel seo is his game #travelbabbleBart Platts
Setting up for #TravelBabble #FreshEgg http://pic.twitter.com/n8hL1oZlNazilla Allahiary
At #travelbabble for an amazing travel search experience thank you @fresheggSabrina Chaudry
A penguin strategy?-determine link equity, identify levels of toxicity, reorganise content, reindexation + recovery @freshegg #travelbabbleGillian Cook
Richard brooks spreading the love of link research tools at #travelbabble courtesy of @fresheggKat Pouwer
Check the rabble at #travelbabble - #freshegg http://twitpic.com/a14mof tweet me any additional questions!Martin Macdonald
Stop chasing the game, be original, be different, carve a niche! #TravelBabbleFreshEgg
"stop chasing the game/algorithm" - definitely the best advice I've heard at conferences all year... #freshegg #travelbabbleNed Poulter
Is there value in travel ind. for rel=author? Sure-Higher viz in serps, better reach and engagement within travel circles #travelbabbleGillian Cook
SEO has been realm of quick wins - however its cluttered the web for Google - ranking authors because they are real @freshegg #travelbabbleGillian Cook
Bloggers - develop niche - be specialist - authoratitive - be relevant to you audience - manage what u say #content #travelbabble @fresheggGillian Cook
Restrict that voice if your not sure - learn - specialise @freshegg #travelbabbleGillian Cook
Richard Brooks from #freshegg really knows his stuff! Great presentation and wise words. #travelbabblepreeti vadgama
Oh no, the 'inbound' alarm has just gone off... (@badams has just turned green & gone hulk) cc @searchmartin #travelbabble #fresheggNed Poulter
The lines between blogs and editorial are blurring more and more @freshegg #travelbabbleGillian Cook
@NedPoulter http://i.imgur.com/YF51L.gif #travelbabble #fresheggBarry Adams
SEO hasn't killed writing its given rise to copious amounts of content that purely serves for volume+freshness of content #travelbabbleGillian Cook
NEWS International ;) RT @FreshEgg Bloggers and New International have killed traditional journalism - @searchmartin #TravelBabbleDylan Lowe
Guest posts welcome = struggling for content #travelbabble #fresheggSimon McCann
Ask yourself, would I be proud of that content if i produced it? Is it good enough to be shared? #TravelbabbleFreshEgg
Use stumbleupon to work out which of your content is of interest. Interesting A/B test method for bloggers. #travelbabble #fresheggSimon McCann
Anyone who has seen @searchmartin at conferences knows this will be good! #travelbabble @FreshEggally biring
Influencers - Engage with them as a person not as a brand, be genuine no BS - can be cheaper than PPC @frshegg #travelbabbleGillian Cook
Brand Relationships - Treat everyone as a VIP. #TravelBabble #FreshEggFreshEgg
Just because you ranked on #Google before doesn't mean your entitled to rank again. #ContentisKing #TravelBabble #FreshEggFreshEgg
Days of free traffic from Google to a site are OVER - you have to work hard now to build quality content + UX @freshegg #travelbabbleGillian Cook
#travelbabble @markflemingseo - use CopyScape to look at duplicate content or other sites that might have scraped yours.FreshEgg
Are you manipulating your site for ranking or are you manipulating it for the user and to better their experience? #travelbabbleGillian Cook
Are you manipulating or optimising? If you are manipulating then you will be hit in the future #TravelBabbleFreshEgg
Quality and quantity is important but don't forget relevancy - Google can tell #TravelBabble @MarkFlemingSEOFreshEgg
Relevant links are important-if you write about travel insurance and an insurer links to you then that's logical so it fine #travelbabbleGillian Cook
@searchmartin speaks for links... #hesbeenrumbled #travelbabble #fresheggNed Poulter
Foursquare the dark horse in the geo-location data for your site #travelbabbleGillian Cook
We may have just identified a use for Foursquare. I'm not sharing - wait for the launch of Travelsquare. #travelbabble #fresheggSimon McCann
I knew FourSquare had SOME semblance of usefulness #travelbabble @FreshEggCeminho
User generated content is more useful than catalogue content generated by travel companies #travelbabbleGillian Cook
Member of #Travelbabble panel wants to see a travel company use foursquare to get data/contentAmanda Greenwood
Enjoying an afternoon of SEO geekdom at #travelbabbleNicole Blaess-Smith
Infographics aren't over - if its decent and original its worth it-as the originater of that content you will gain most value #travelbabbleGillian Cook
@SEOgadget have just got shout out from @searchmartin #travelbabble #fresheggNed Poulter
HTML5 infographics are way forward-sites can't embed and are enforced to link instead @freshegg #travelbabbleGillian Cook
#travelbabble Video is the content of the future - @adrianocomegnaFreshEgg
Video-content of future. FB focus on fotos. Google have youtube and apple launching appletv. More interactive+commercial #travelbabbleGillian Cook
If you have a video make sure you put a transcript underneath. #travelbabble #fresheggSimon McCann
Fresh Egg unscrambled SEO in London this afternoon #TravelBabble.. Egg everywhere!Kate
#Travelbabble panel say some people don't want brochure-style copy on websitesAmanda Greenwood
Embed video + mark it in sitemap. This is more valuable than traffic sent through from youtube #travelbabbleGillian Cook
Image is important for travel. Pintrest is huge for traffic esp. fashion+travel. Check destinology, differentiate yourself #travelbabbleGillian Cook
Destinology named as one of top travel companies using Pinterest! #travelbabbleAmanda Greenwood
#Pinterest was mentioned at #travelbabble. We have written a guide to Pinterest which you can download here: http://www.freshegg.com/blog/free-ebook-complete-guide-pinterest_12609FreshEgg
Great panel session at #travelbabble, thanks to @freshegg :)Gillian Cook
SEO Phrase of the day Taxonomy Toxicity #travelbabbleChris S
RT @PaulChaloner: You can check here for the latest updates on who is tweeting and reaching at #travelbabble http://bit.ly/LOPTEZ Are you top?HashTracking
Understood about 10% of #travelbabble talk on SEO by #freshegg. Pandas, penguins..all just zoo animals to meLinsey McNeill
Excellent info provided by the panel at #Travelbabble this afternoon #FresheggIncentive Travel
Really enjoyed #travelbabble credit to @FreshEgg for doing such a great job! Great seeing @andybetts1 @searchmartin & others!Ned Poulter
Noticed some similarities between Google and travel industry at #travelbabble - quality, specialism & relevance will lead the way for bothAmanda Greenwood
Very interesting and candid talk from the panel of experts at #Travelbabble. Very refreshing. Glad I made the long journey to attend. ThanksIsabelle Baret
RT @kevgibbo: StumbleUpon launches in UK! http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/news/stumbleupon-launches-in-the-uk/4002416.article Great news for travel bloggers #travelbabblestephen sumner
RT @TangoDivacom: Insight, ideas, experts and beers at #TravelBabble http://po.st/xW5w3U via @po_st #london #travelFreshEgg
10 key takeaways from #Travelbabble http://bit.ly/MX2abG (handy tips for travel bloggers, marketers, etc)Mark Hodson