#WeWillGather Hack Day @ Fresh Egg

On Thursday 7 February we gathered in Firefox (one of Fresh Egg’s chief meeting rooms) to stage a hack day filled with ideas and Creme Eggs for #wewillgather. For anyone who hasn’t had the chance to be part of a hack day yet, they are days devoted to encouraging a group to share innovative ideas and utilise each other’s skills, be it writing code or writing schedules. Organise one at your office – they’re good fun!

Hack Day- Fresh Egg

Ever wanted to start an action in your community, like a clean-up or a fundraising event, but didn’t know how or where to find people to help you? This is where #wewillgather comes in. Set up by Dan Thompson, the man behind #RiotCleanup after the 2011 UK riots, #wewillgather provides a platform for people to start positive actions in their local communities, and makes it easy for anyone to join in and help complete such projects.

We welcomed a collaboration of creative and technical minds. Gatherers came from as far as Margate to brainstorm, hack and drink tea – one of #wewillgather’s trademarks. Never one to miss out on the action, Fresh Egg had a team on board, made up of developers, social strategists and project managers.  Everyone involved ended the day full of inspiration from the great ideas that were shared.


What did our #wewillgather hack day achieve?


  • One of the hack day’s objectives was to allow others to create their own #wewillgather-style websites. As such, we made the #wewillgather website code open source, and it can now be downloaded from Github. You can also find out about subscribing to the RSS feed here


  • The Fresh Egg design team came up with a PDF poster design, which is generated each time a new action is started. This way, you can print your very own poster off and/or share it on social platforms to promote your event


  • Watch this space for a more helpful application process on #wewillgather: we are designing a page to help you get the most out of your actions


  • Sometimes, an action might need to be discussed to gauge interest before it is created and made open to all.  We proposed a #mindswillgather space on the #wewillgather website, where there can be open discussions to help shape an action, before it is officially posted and organised. This will be up on the site soon


  • Ian from Love Clean Streets was also at the hack day and it was decided the #wewillgather team will collaborate with him to produce an app. Members of the public will be invited to photograph incidents of environmental crime, and then these photographs will be used as the starting point for the creation of an action


  • We also looked at how #wewillgather could be better integrated with Facebook. We have now enabled the site to automatically post all new actions to the #wewillgather Facebook page for better engagement



Hack Day- Fresh Egg

Some of the changes to the site have already gone live, but keep tuned over the next few weeks for further developments. Head over to the #wewillgather website to find out more about the project, get involved with a live action or start your own good thing today!