#FEfiction Competition Results

World Book Day 2013 LogoBack at the beginning of March, Fresh Egg hosted a Twitter competition to mark the 16th World Book Day. The If I had ten pence for every time someone has covered me in pig's blood and tried to sacrifice me, then I'd have £3.50. #FEfiction #WBD

— Ben Meredith (@BenRLMeredith) March 8, 2013

Runners up

While the two entries below unfortunately won’t win a prize, we thought they deserved honourable mention. Thanks for your submissions guys – hopefully inclusion on our lovely blog is reward enough for your efforts!

Fresh Egg favourites

Although we couldn’t actually enter the competition ourselves (that wouldn’t really be fair, would it?) plenty of Fresh Eggers fancied stretching their literary muscles in celebration of World Book Day anyway. Take a look at our three favourite flash fiction tweets below.

Steph – junior online content creator

Steve – SEO engineer

Tom – SEO engineer

So there we have it! Congratulations to our winner and thanks very much to all who entered.

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