The Fresh Egg Brighton Photography Walkabout and the Encouragement of Creativity

Written by Intern - 30 May 2013

Our resident photographer and junior SEO engineer Will Barnes took Fresh Egg’s photography hobbyists on a photo walkabout in Brighton. The plan was to kindle inspiration and help those who are not too confident with their cameras by giving extra encouragement and a helping hand.

The Fresh Egg photography crew in the North Laine

The group, which included our junior social media strategist, senior SEO engineer Vinod Kumar and director of display Tim Cross, had a great time capturing the city of Brighton. The walkabout started at the pier, involved a much needed liquid lunch and again ended on the pier with a round of donuts. The photography went really well, and you can see some of the results for yourself at the bottom of this post. Each member of the team swapped their gear around, giving everyone the chance to play with equipment they wouldn’t normally use and try techniques they wouldn’t normally practise. These techniques brought out the imagination in everyone, and with a mix of wide apertures and telephoto lenses, ND filters and a selection of different locations, the team managed to capture a variety of photos, including a mix of landscape and street shots. The weather also held out for the group, with the day starting quite sunny and ending with moody skies. This gave our budding photographers the opportunity to capture a huge variety of photographs and illustrated that those in the know can capture great photographs, whatever the weather. The photos came out great and everyone back in the office was really impressed with the results.

A pair of vintage bikes in the North Laine - photo by Susie Cox

What’s perhaps most important about our photography walkabout is it demonstrated the importance of nurturing creativity and collaborative efforts, both in and out of the workplace. It’s vital for us at Fresh Egg, as a digital marketing agency, to keep ourselves thinking outside of the box and to encourage teamwork in the fast-paced landscape in which we work. So, be it playing FIFA on our lunches, bowling after work, or giving the Harlem Shake a go, we as a company keep things moving at a lively rate to help us keep ahead of the game. We hope you enjoy our selection of photographs from the day.

A women with flowers in her bicycle's basket - photo by Vinod Kumar

The funfair as the end of Brighton pier - photo by Tim Cross

Brighton's burnt down West pier - photo by Tim Cross

The beautiful ground of the Royal Pavilion - photo by Vinod Kumar

A boutique market in the North Laine - photo by Will Barnes

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