Fresh Egg Crack £175+ for ‘Wear It Pink’ Breast Cancer Campaign

Friday 28October saw the advent of Wear it Pink Day; the year's biggest fundraising event for the Breast Cancer Campaign charity.  Taking part is really very easy – simply wear something pink for the day and donate at least £2 for this privilege.  The Fresh Egg crew just had to get involved to raise money for this worthy cause!

Obviously, as Fresh Egg’s resident pink haired wordsmith (Fresh Egg pink to be exact: 197-0-132!), donning something rose coloured was not as complicated for me as it was for some others.  Developer Stuart Stubbs’s nipples protruding out of his girlfriend's too snug t-shirt won’t be a sight many of us will be forgetting in a hurry! Still, I donned a scarf for the occasion and what I consider to be the best shoes to have ever graced my/anyone’s feet.

I spent a good half an hour counting up the many donated coins and notes this afternoon and Fresh Egg managed to raise a staggering £175 for the cause and the donations from staff continue to roll in!

Here are the Fresh Eggers in their pink glory:

Fresh Egg: Wear It Pink Day for Breast Cancer Campaign
Fresh Egg Wears It Pink!

But we couldn’t have raised so much money by wearing pink alone and as such, our soon-to-be-departed SEO Copywriter Maria Holburt “volunteered” to put her already-lacking credibility on the line in order to raise additional funds. “How so?” I hear you ask. Check back to the blog next week and we’ll show you...

In the meantime, check out other snaps taken from our Wear it Pink Day below:

Chris Perkins and his pink pants for Wear it Pink Day!
Senior Account Manager Chris Perkins and his pink pants!


SEO Engineer Stephen Jones: Wear it Pink Day
SEO Engineer Stephen Jones: Not as glum as he looks!


The Fresh Egg IT guys: Wear it Pink Day
Fresh Egg's IT Guys Gavin Brooks and Tom Davies embrace the rouge!


Jay Taylor: Raising money for Breast Cancer Campaign
Technical Analyst Jay Taylor makes a reserved effort for Wear it Pink Day...


Developer Stuart Stubbs: Wear it Pink Day
Developer Stuart Stubbs makes his own "breasts" visible to raise money for the cause


Kat Cole (Me!) on Breast Cancer Campaigns Wear it Pink Day
I like pink. Having my photo taken...not so much.