Fresh Egg and Dan Thompson to launch #futurecleanup

We’re excited to finally be able to share our latest business win with you, which we’re fired up about from both a business and personal point of view.

Working alongside Dan Thompson, the social artist responsible for the #riotcleanup campaign last year, Fresh Egg has won funding to launch the #futurecleanup project.#futurecleanup

In brief, #futurecleanup will provide a central resource (website) where people can add new events or campaigns to get things cleaned up in their locality, and others can join in and help by signing up to offer their assistance. It’s communities coming together for a shared goal; collaborate, coordinate, change.

The idea was born from the belief that activists and volunteers had no simple and easy way to arrange clean up campaigns – until now!

#futurecleanup allows people to come together in their community and get the things that need doing, DONE! It might be small jobs that need doing, such as support for an elderly neighbour; mowing the lawn for example, or large scale event, such as getting everyone together to clear paths following heavy snow.

How #futurecleanup will work

#futurecleanup also takes advantage of existing technology such as Twitter and Facebook, much in the same successful way that mobilised last year’s #riotcleanup campaign.

The project is underway in its preliminary stage, with a launch date planned for later this year.

Let us know what you think of this initiative! Could you think of projects in your local area that would benefit from #futurecleanup’s involvement?