Fresh Egg's Pirate Day Infographic!

Wealthiest Pirates of the SEO Seas!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day, brainchild of American pirate enthusiasts Mark Summers and John Baur, began back in 1995 as just a bit of fun between a few friends.

But since appearing in a national newspaper column nine years ago, the pair of black-hearted founders were propelled to piratical celebrity status. International Talk Like a Pirate Day has spread like a nasty case of the Scurvy, and now has millions of fans around the world.

Talk Like a Pirate Day’s Facebook group now has 20,000 members, so Fresh Egg certainly wasn’t the only motley crew enjoying light-hearted pirate shenanigans on 19 September (if you haven’t seen the pictures on our Facebook page, go and take a look)!

We also couldn’t help but create a Fresh Egg Infographic to mark the occasion… “Arrrrrggghhh!!”