Gavin Brooks speeding to success with Fresh Egg

 A Technical Support Engineer, Gavin Brooks helps to keep the Fresh Egg computers in tip-top working order, as well as a wide range of complicated pieces of hardware dotted around the office. Having gained a BSc in Internet and Communication Technologies, he previously worked for a precision engineering company in Burgess Hill.

Gavin likes the idea of living a high octane life, especially now that he has a full motorcycle licence. In 2012, he’s hoping to take his skills on either two or four wheels to Germany’s Nurburgring for a spin around the world-famous circuit. A big fan of playing Xbox 360 games and watching Formula One races, we suspect he knows every twist and turn of the track already.

When he’s not dealing with unresponsive hard drives or installing software packages that most of us would never understand, hard-grafting Gavin also puts in a few weekend shifts working at his local leisure centre. On the rare occasions when he gets time to relax, he likes a beer or two, and will often attend concerts. His musical tastes are diverse, although he says he doesn’t like pop, so he wouldn’t be interested in Lady Gaga, even if she was behind the wheel of a Formula One car!

Although not a huge fan of TV, he’s always prepared to make an exception for a good show. His favourites include Scrubs and, perhaps predictably, Top Gear. Gavin was attracted to Fresh Egg Towers by a combination of a good opportunity to further his career and an especially cool working environment, and we are happy to see him flourishing.


Gavin’s Desert Island Survival Pack:

Film:    Pulp Fiction

Song:   Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

Book:   Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Hunter S Thompson)