Great Fresh Egg Bake Off Final - Results

Last Thursday the Fresh Egg office was awash with the dreamy smells of cakes baking.  Each contestant had an hour in the kitchen to bake their cake throughout the day.  At 3pm we

Early stages of Toffee Popcorn Cupcakes

reconvened in the kitchen to ice, decorate and arrange for the judging panel at 4pm.

The dishes were judged by three of our judges from last week; Ben D – Hoover, Chris P – Queenie, and Nazilla – Cheesecake Addict, along with two guest judges; Adam – MD of Cake, and Suzie – The Tough Judge.

The criteria used to judge were:

•    The quality of the bake;

•    The frosting, icing or sauce;

•    Presentation;

•    Bite-ability (general satisfaction from eating it).

Each criteria was rated from 1 to 5 (1 – first time baker, keep trying to 5 – better than Mum’s).

The overall winner and runners-up were decided using their combined scores from both weeks of baking and a mark out of 20 for creativity and effort over both weeks.

The seven cakes and chefs were:

Brownies with meringue and caramel sauce

•    Coconut Brownies by Pam J;

•    Chocolate Squares by Kim H;

•    Cream Butterfly Cakes by Dan C;

•    Layered Red Velvet Cake by Kat P;

•    Baked Cherry Cheesecake by Alice C;

•    Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes by Steve H;

•    Brownies with Meringue and Caramel Sauce by Alex G.

The results of the cake challenge are….

Third place was awarded to Alice C with a traditional Austrian family recipe, Baked Cherry Cheesecake.

Second place was Alex G with a delightful ensemble of brownies, meringue and delicious caramel sauce.

But the winner was Steve H with his very beautifully presented Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes, adorned with homemade nutty, honeycomb chocolate and caramel popcorn.

To re-cap on the previous week’s proceedings please visit the round-up of the

The Judges: Suzie, Ben D, Chris P, Adam and Nazilla.

In third place with a stellar cake creation was Steve H.

In second place, Miss Consistency with two third places was Alice C.

And finally with two highly commendable performances in first place was Alex G.

Congratulations to all entrants!  The judges and staff at Fresh Egg were very impressed with the quality and deliciousness of all the culinary creations.  We hope we have inspired more baking to be done in the future both in the Fresh Egg office and for anyone reading elsewhere!