Helen Nash – Green-Fingered Family Fanatic

Helen NashHelen Nash is one of the latest additions to the Fresh Egg team, a talented and enthusiastic digital marketing analyst with plenty of relevant experience under her belt. Having previously worked as the sole ecommerce business analyst for RM Education for almost two years, Helen is an expert at everything from conversion optimisation to user testing. Before then she also worked for an SEM agency doing web analytics and optimisation for a wide variety of clients.

Outside the office, Helen claims to not be very interesting, but we know that’s not true. Another Fresh Egger with self-professed OCD tendencies (we’re sensing a pattern here), Helen also claims to be honest to a fault, adding somewhat apologetically: “if you don’t want an honest answer it’s probably best if you don’t ask me – I am not the most tactful of people.” It’s alright, Helen: we definitely believe that honesty is the best policy, especially in the workplace!

Wholly devoted to her family, Helen reckons that pretty much all of her spare time is spent doing things with her children and husband. Indeed, she says her eldest – who just turned 20 last month – is also one of her best friends, and when asked about her desert island survival pack said: “as long as I have my family, I’d be okay” (with a quick addendum of “and maybe some bleach for cleaning”).

The green-fingered Helen has an allotment where she grows her own veg, and her and her family are regular visitors of arboretums (Westonbirt being their favourite). Big fans of the outdoors, their top pastimes include watching rugby, walking and game fairs, to name but a few.

But what was Helen’s answer to the big question: why did you want to work at Fresh Egg?

I love what I do and I do what I love! My job here will give me the opportunity to grow professionally while the environment of the Fresh Egg office will suit my energy and enthusiasm.”

Welcome to the fold, Helen!

Helen’s Desert Island Survival Pack

See above. In short, no favourites!