Mark Chalcraft Looks for an SEO Job - and Finds One

Despite suffering from "a pathological aversion to filling in lists of questions about himself," Fresh Egg's freshest SEO Engineer Mark Chalcraft has done such a good job of it I was tempted to just publish the questionnaire. Ahh well, here goes.

Mark ChalcraftMoving from a role where he was responsible for a large e-commerce site selling model trains and cars, Mark has long admired Fresh Egg's work and the chance to join the company was "too good to miss." He goes on to quote a line from a Smiths song; “I was looking for a job and I found a job.” Hard to argue with a line like that.

Mark's 6-year-old son seems to have appropriated some of his dad's (or Morrissey's?) Mancunian gloom-humour, stating angrily that this new job was "not very interesting at all!" Who can blame him when the last one involved trains?

A married man, keeper of tropical fish, lazy guitarist, hopeful time-traveller and keen sports fan, Mark also runs his own Football and Cricket blogs and finds the time to conduct friendly 'debates' with argumentative fans on Twitter.

As well as being introduced to hollow victories at the age of 5 by winning a bottle of Champagne at the local fete, Mark's self-proclaimed 'limited sporting ability' meant that his career on track or field was prematurely doomed.

"My main sporting claim to fame was being selected to run in a regional schools cross country competition.  What I was being punished for was never revealed."

And finally... another bit of Morrissey to ponder on your way home tonight;

"And if you must, go to work tomorrow

Well, if I were you I really wouldn't bother

For there are brighter sides to life

And I should know, because I've seen them

But not very often."