Matt Long – Crocodile-Wrangling Carpenter and Senior Content Specialist

Matt LongLast month saw the arrival of Matt Long, who is joining our elite content team as a senior content specialist. He certainly has plenty of relevant experience under his belt, having done everything from writing DIY advice to editing a newspaper, but what else contributes towards making Matt Matt?

You might not expect Matt to have ended up in the digital marketing industry considering his early qualifications. As well as holding a degree in theology from Manchester University, Matt is also a qualified carpenter and joiner, so we’ll be sure to call upon him if we ever need any bespoke office furniture. However, his carpentry skills no doubt proved useful in one of his past roles: editing a woodwork magazine.

Matt definitely has a knack for the written word, though. Previously, he was a subeditor at the Daily Mirror and also helped two separate publishers win the Plain English Award while he was writing for them. However, he’s not afraid of the great outdoors either: he has held the tail of a wild crocodile in Ghana and is an avid fan of the perhaps slightly less hazardous pastime of longboarding. Matt’s also been known to go to “hot yoga classes” (his words), and while we’re not entirely sure what these are, they certainly sound adventurous!

When not working (this generally fuelled by a steady stream of coffee), Matt has his hands full with Max, his one-year-old son and hands down “best thing ever”. Matt likes to relax with an iPad game or two: he apparently scored 147 at snooker on it last week, so we’ll have to see how he fares against our Fresh Egg office pool players.

When asked the all-important question of why he wanted to work with Fresh Egg, Matt’s answer was enigmatically simple: “It’s a great name!”

Glad to have you on the team, Matt!


Matt’s Desert Island Survival Pack

Film: Jeremiah Johnson

Song: I’d have to take an album: The Bends by Radiohead

Book: Papillon by Henri Charrière or Atonement by Ian McEwan