Where Did The Mo Go Bro?

Mo Money, Mo Better Times

Now Movember is finally over. The Mo Bros and Mo Sista are once again suitable to present their faces to society at large without feeling a little bit foolish (well, no more so than usual, have you actually seen us?!) and get on with getting ready for Christmas.


So, how well did we do? As well as raising awareness of men’s health issues we were also able to raise quite a few readies to throw into the pot. Dara Fitzgerald managed to collect £93.00 of the £532.00 that Fresh Egg’s Dara

Our efforts were also recognised and appreciated in our local paper The Argus. And amazingly enough there were hardly any critical notes in the comments, which for our beloved Argus is somewhat rare!


Yo! Mo’ Bro!

As the thirtieth of Movember came to an end I couldn’t wait to take the clippers to my face to get rid of the unwanted growth, I’m very rarely clean shaven, what with my fetching designer stubble, but as for growing a mo’ again? Forget it! At least, not for the next eleven months… Prickly, inconvenient, unattractive and uncomfortable it may have been but this year’s Movember was the most popular yet. So popular was it that moustachioed strangers would knuckle bump you in the street uttering syllables which at any other time would be unintelligible “Yo! Mo’ Bro’!” made each of us feel like part of a community, like we were being recognised for our efforts and that as well as raising money from our friends and relations we were indeed raising awareness of the issues around male cancers and hopefully around cancer generally. Price Waterhouse Coopers is Movember's auditor in the UK and they won’t have published the figures for how much was actually raised until April.

However, last year more than 89% of all the funds (£10.3m in the UK alone) went to prostate cancer charity and men’s health programmes, 7% was spent on the costs of raising funds and only 4% went on admin.


Money also goes to the Prostate Cancer Master Class Programme. Last year the course was so over subscribed it had to be made available online for everyone who couldn’t get seats to be able to get access to the information that was being given. The course was for doctors, surgeons, nurses and other healthcare professionals, educating them in this area of cancer which is so often not talked about, even within medical circles. When you consider that statistically a man dies of prostate cancer ever hour of every day all year long it’s certainly something that should be talked about much more.


The money we raised gets spent on research, as you would expect, but it also goes toward counselling and support. It helps keep the phone lines open so that the recently diagnosed can talk to a dedicated specialist cancer nurse on 0800 074 8383 or 01691 202194 who can help with the challenging issues that face men who’ve just discovered that they are suffering from cancer.


Unfortunately Nazilla wasn’t quite so lucky, for her final photo of the month she decided to go with the Fu Manchu and drew moustaches down her fingers with a Sharpie marker pen. She’s still trying to get the ink off.


So how did we all turn out? Were there Soup Strainers, Handlebars and Poirots as we hoped at the beginning of the month, or merely adequate demonstrations of the Fresh Egg team’s ability to put on a show of facial hair?