Movember: The Good, The Bad(ass) and The Ugly

One week into Movember the Fresh Egg Mo Bros and Mo Sistas are doing their bit to raise awareness and funds for male cancers.  While waiting for our Mos to grow, we did some research into Movembers past to help inspire us, and our Mos, to even greater lengths.

We uncovered some very impressive facts. For instance, did you know that in 2011, more than 854,288 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas took part to raise over £79.3 million globally, with over £22 million of this coming from the UK? Must be down to all those stiff upper lips we Brits have been cultivating for centuries! And last year's top five tweeted Mo styles were the Handlebar, the Mario, the Selleck, the English and the Pencil. To see what these Mo styles actually look like (and maybe provide some inspiration for your own Mo in 2012), see our infographic below.

Movember only comes round once a year, and it's a really great cause, so get involved. Share your Mo photos with us on our Facebook page, or use the hashtags #FreshEgg and #Movember to share your photos with us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

If you'd like to donate to the Fresh Egg Mo Team page (did we mention it's a really worthwhile cause?) please click here.

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