Nathan Kingstone – Man of Many Interests

Written by David Showell - 13 Jan 2012

Having been interested in graphic and digital design for many years, it was perhaps inevitable that Nathan Kingstone would eventually work for Fresh Egg. Nathan is a Creative Designer with Worthing’s finest, and is already making his mark within the industry.

Action Man Nathan is a keen mountain biker, although he bases this assertion on the fact that he has all the necessary gear. How many mountains he’s actually traversed, we’ve yet to discover, although we all know that looking the part is 90% of the experience, anyway. He also counts photography as one of his major hobbies, having recently become the proud owner of a Sony NEX-5. Nathan has a cat allergy, but he should be OK with our two resident dogs, Jake and Dodge.

In addition, he’s a fan of the Apple Mac, laser lights and radio controlled helicopters. The latter category is proving expensive, however, due to spiralling (sorry) repair costs. Another favourite activity for Nathan is sampling amusement rides – the faster and the more upside down the better. Here at Fresh Egg, we’re looking forward to seeing plenty of blurred photos of helicopters taken from the saddle of his mountain bike or from a rollercoaster car – and all viewed on his Apple Mac, of course.

Nathan is known to his friends as Nathong, an intriguing nickname which he tells us is taken from the 2000 Sisqo hit ‘The Thong Song’ – any more information isn’t forthcoming, so we can only guess. Having travelled to a dozen countries in recent years, Nathan is looking forward to a bright future with Fresh Egg. He worked for 12 years in graphic design, followed by 2 years in digital design, and is now keen to bring his knowledge and experience to our many clients. Welcome to Fresh Egg, Nathong!



Nathan’s Desert Island Survival Pack:

Film:    Saving Private Ryan

Song:   Rhythm Is A Dancer (Snap)

Book:   Dune (Frank Herbert)