Painting The Town.....With Xmas Cheer

It’s not often we blow our own trumpet (we’re still taking lessons), but this year our company “Xmas Do” is going to be really quite unique and actually very worth while. Fresh Egg is giving something back to the local community in a very real and positive way this Christmas. Instead of the usual Christmas party, the Fresh Egg team will be helping out the Worthing Churches Homeless Project by painting and decorating one of their local shelters in Manor Road, Worthing, this Friday 19th December.

This will give the gang here at Fresh Egg the opportunity to enjoy a group activity while doing something voluntarily for a very good cause. The official line on the Worthing Churches Homeless Project is to provide a range of services to the homeless, including accommodation and specialist support, empowering homeless or insecurely housed individuals to achieve sustainable independent living. The unofficial line is that they do a great job for the most vulnerable in society, especially at this time of year.

Now, I’ve been with companies large and small and have enjoyed Christmas do’s from the bizarre to the exotic ranging, from day trips to Paris and Bell JetRanger helicopter flights to swanky restaurants in Marlow to go-karting extravaganzas and London Theatre land experiences.

This is the first Xmas bash that I’ve actually felt good about!

OK, it’s a great opportunity to do something a bit different for the Fresh Egg Christmas party and it’s not all work as the team will be rewarded with dinner in the evening, but the core of the idea – it’s important to spend some time and give something back – is typical of the Fresh Egg ethos. That’s not PR spin or marketing bollox! That’s the real Fresh Egg deal and that’s the real Fresh Egg difference. And it’s why I think we should all be quite proud of the company we work for.

Merry Christmas!