QR Code Tattoos for Members of Staff: Fresh Egg Leads the Revolution

Social Media Strategist David and his Fresh Egg QR code tattoo

We at Fresh Egg believe we are the first company in the world to have its members of staff permanently etched with a QR code for the benefits of security and fun.

With the expansion in use of QR codes, it’s no surprise that many high street businesses have signed up to a contactless technology platform allowing customers to pay for goods and services through data stored within a QR code tattooed on their wrist.

A number of staff at Fresh Egg have had the codes etched onto their skin and are already using the technology to purchase lunch in the nearby Greggs bakery and/or buy gifts for friends and family in The Body Shop store next door to our office. As such we are hoping we can set up a pre-payment plan so that goods can be bought without the need for us to carry cash or cards.

With the Department of Work and Pensions encouraging UK businesses to go “fully digital” during autumn last year for the reason of improved efficiency, and with local businesses having introduced this initiative, we decided it was time to up our game.

For a long time, many of us were incessantly forgetting the door code required to enter our central Worthing office, meaning Managing Director Adam Stafford was regularly forced to reset the (once incredibly noisy) security system. This is what sparked our resident Head of Social Media, Paul Chaloner’s, idea to utilise the digital QR code tattoo technology.

Since tattoos are a permanent form of body modification, we obviously don’t force our members of staff to go under the needle. However, to date, 42 out of our 80 members of staff have decided to go for these QR markings (which are tattooed on the inside of the right wrist).

As well as granting access to Fresh Egg’s central Worthing office, the marks-for-life (which are cleverly linked to a computer database containing the personal information for each etched member of staff including payroll numbers, attendance levels and rarely, disciplinary actions), are also used to open our newly added high-tech lockers and the very popular beer fridge. QR access to the bottles of Stella Artois and Smirnoff Ice however does not function until after work.

QR tattoo and the Fresh Egg pool table

Swiping your wrist as you enter and leave Fresh Egg’s gym also sees the amount of time spent exercising accurately recorded (though the system does assume that you’re not simply sitting on your bum while you’re in there). This is useful for keeping tabs on how active – or lazy! – we have all been, using the graphs that are automatically created using the recorded information at the close of each month.

Senior Developer, Rob Taylor, meanwhile is working on a system that will see the stubborn QRs used with (or near) the pool table located in our recreation area. The aim is to simplify the way in which we record the wins and losses earned during each of our in-house tournaments.

So, do you think we’re all crazy getting inked with the codes? And are we actually the first company globally to do this or were we beaten to it? Let us know in the comments below.

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