Susie Cox – Dedicated Brightonian

Susie CoxThe latest addition to the Fresh Egg social team is Susie Cox, who joined us last week as a junior social media strategist. Having graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in media studies in 2011, Susie enjoyed her time there so much that she even got the University of Brighton symbol tattooed on her wrist. We can only hope that her time here at Fresh Egg inspires the same level of dedication!

Susie loves Brighton itself as well as the university, and, aside from the latter, cites being within walking distance of the sea and Topshop as the main reasons why. Susie is also a fan of eating out, making a point of exploring a new restaurant or café in Brighton as often as her bank balance will allow. Additionally, she has a somewhat complicated relationship with chocolate: while she loves the sweet cocoa bean creation, she's also a little bit allergic to it. Hopefully her phobia of small buttons – which is apparently more common than it sounds – does not extend to chocolate ones as well!

Although enjoying watching films and TV (Homeland and Girls apparently being her current favourites), Susie is no stranger to more active pursuits, playing netball from time to time (“more socially than energetically,” she adds). Like many Fresh Egg staff, she’s also keen to see more of the world, and hopes to travel to Costa Rica and South America by the time she’s 30. Susie’s also fond of cats of all sizes, another compelling reason for her to fulfil her travelling dreams (South America has quite an impressive selection).

With an internship at Brighton Fashion Week under her belt and online marketing experience from working with Bright Site in Shoreham, Susie certainly knows her stuff. Speaking of what attracted her to Fresh Egg in the first place, Susie said:

“I had heard from a friend that the Fresh Egg office was really cool and an exciting place to work. I checked out the website, read through some blog posts and I was sold.”

Welcome to the team, Susie!


Susie’s Desert Island Survival Pack

Film: Thelma and Louise

Song: Funkadelic by Maggot Brain

Book: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee