The 2016 Annual Fresh Egg Awards

As the year comes to an end, we’ve taken the time to celebrate the achievements of our colleagues with our annual staff awards. The awards highlight the teams and individuals who have exceeded expectations and have delivered exceptional work for Fresh Egg and our clients. The winners are voted for by their Fresh Egg colleagues so give a true representation of some of the most inspirational members of the Fresh Egg family.


Matt Abbott wins inspirational colleague award

This award recognises those who regularly inspire others with their positive and enthusiastic attitude in the work place. It could be those who are committed to supporting colleagues and can be recognised as invaluable members of Fresh Egg. 

“Over the course of 2016 Matt has proven himself to be a worthy recipient of this award. He's a really great to work with, the quality of his work is consistently excellent and brings an awful lot of added value to all of the clients he works with.”

Patrick always comes to work with a smile on his face. He cares so much for his colleagues and for the agency as a whole. He is liked and admired by everyone at FE and is a great inspiration. A clear winner in this category.



Nicky Moody wins the client integrity award

The client integrity award celebrated the Fresh Egger who regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure they are putting the clients’ best interests at the forefront of everything they do.

“Nicky truly cares about her clients and the extent to which they are happy, motivated and have great relationships with both her and their wider client team. She puts a lot of extra effort into maintaining the relationships, which really shines through in the work she delivers – which is always excellent.”


The behind the scenes award goes to Sarah Orsini

This award is for the person who carries out their role perfectly in the background to ensure everybody else's lives continue to run smoothly.

“Sarah is one of those people who everybody loves at Fresh Egg. Always wearing a smile and never complains. She has been amazing as our 'travel agent' over the past 3 months. She's ensured that we can get to where we need to and that we have all the relevant documents all sorted beforehand.”


The managers award goes to Gavin Brooks

The manager’s award was open to managers across the business, with the idea that some people do not get exposure to the wider company in what they do, and therefore this award was a chance for Manager's to recognise top performers.

“Gavin is our very own MR FIXIT! He works quietly in the background and nothing is EVER too much trouble. He is an unsung hero.

In the short time David has been here, he has made a real difference in training and making the every financial aspect of the business more available but more importantly, he makes everyone appreciate what it is and how they all play a part.


Matt Abbott wins inspirational colleague award

This award recognises the person that has broken the mould this year and has not been afraid to take a risk – pushing the boundaries wherever and whenever possible. Someone who has taken the leap in their strategic and creative thinking.

“Matt is full of inspiring ideas and constant enthusiasm, a real pleasure to work with and continually generates exciting, innovative and groundbreaking solutions for clients. Most notably he has done an amazing job leading the development of our reporting tools. Matt is one of the best at building large scale applications.”


Duncan Copeland is our employee of the year

Our ultimate award is presented to the Fresh Egger who has qualities that reflects nearly all the previous nominations.

“Duncan is a fantastic Account Director. He’s strategic, he’s organised, he puts the client at the absolute forefront of everything he does. He’s also had major input outside his client base into our discovery process as a whole and in looking at our various process and procedures.”

Words from our Managing Director, Adam Stafford

“2016 has been another great year for Fresh Egg and I couldn’t be prouder of every member of the team and the outstanding work they have produced. The teams have continued to exceed both our client’s expectations and mine. We are renowned for our approach and the results we deliver for our clients; from our Discovery work which is developed with integrity over commercial gain, through to our Delivery which is always completed with technical brilliance. There is no doubt that 2016 has forced us, and a lot of our clients, into a period of economic uncertainty. However, the confidence we have in our capabilities, our services and the results we deliver has been reflected in our clients’ confidence in us.”