The Fresh Egg Recipe Club- Pear Frangipane

We work very hard at Fresh Egg, which means are tummies are constantly rumbling – so we were pleased to realise that The Fresh Egg Recipe Club had again come around!

This month we had our resident doctor SEO Consultant David Sewell doing the baking. And he did an excellent job – creating a dish that both looked and tasted magnificent, a pear frangipane.

Here’s the recipe so now you can make one yourself – and lots of pictures for you to lust over. Enjoy!

Pear Frangipane


For the base:

125g salted butter

125g fudge (light brown) sugar

50g almond flakes

250g plain flour

chopped stem ginger

1 egg yolk


1. Toast the almond flakes

2. Brown the butter in hot pan (starts foamy, then goes brown and clear)

3. Mince the toasted flakes, add the flour and sugar, then pour in the butter and stem ginger

4. Mix and add the yolk if the mixture is cool enough not to cook it!

5. The mixture should be fairly dry and crumbly, but sticks together briefly if you squeeze it

5. Press by hand into the dish – do edges first, then try to make an even buttery biscuit base.

Bake the base for 15 minutes at 180 degrees. (Or until browned a bit)


For the frangipane filling:

250g unsalted butter

250g almond powder

250g caster sugar

large tablespoon of plain flour

2 glugs of amaretto 

2 eggs

2 tins pear halves in juice

A few flaked almonds and some icing sugar 


1. Mix sugar and butter to smooth paste

2. Add almond powder and glugs of amaretto

3. Add eggs and mix again

4. If too loose a mix, then add plain flour until it looks like cake mixture(!)

5. Spread mix into cooled, baked bases

6. Arrange pears on top

7. Bake at 180deg for 1hour

8. When turning brown, add the almond flakes and put back in for 10mins

Take out and sprinkle with icing sugar.

We managed to cut this lovely tart into tiny slithers and share it with many of the team, but what did they think?

“Appearance: superb. Crust: brilliant. Filling: delicious. Portion size: never enough. Overall totally love it”

Nate Wood, Head of International Search

“Amazing – Melt in the mouth. I think he purchased it from M&S”

Adam Stafford, Managing Director

“Absolutely delicious, lovely crunchy sweet pastry balanced the pear beautifully.”

Debbie Woodley, Receptionist

“Absolutely amazing! Pastry crust was brilliant. I’d love another slice please. Was there a touch of alcohol in there? :) 

Pip Stafford, Company Director


David Sewell and his fancy-pants frangipane


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