The Perks of Having Your Office in a Co-working Space

This blog post is written by Michelle Wilding, based in our Sydney office.

Hub Sydney

There’s nothing unsexy or dull about doing your business from a co-working space. Fresh Egg Australia happens to operate out of a large, energy-filled studio within The Hub Sydney collective and it’s everything we could ask for – especially since our much larger mother company is based in Worthing, UK and even more colleagues are located in our London office.

Co-working environments are a popular choice for entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers and small businesses for a wealth of reasons. No more are you just renting a desk and getting essential facilities in return; working life here means you exist in a like-minded ecosystem of pioneers. This sets the scene with a spirit of innovation, collaboration and growth – success breeds success. Of course different co-working set ups will appeal to different professions, but we’re pretty lucky that The Hub is a great fit.

Take a peep at some of the sweeteners which make our daily working experience a positive one:

Meet new people

Co-working spaces allow you to feel part of a community; which is especially important for smaller squads and one-man teams. You will always bump into a fresh face in the kitchen or be greeted by a fellow Hubber at any point of the day.

It’s also very refreshing to be able to have a conversation with someone outside of your organisation or industry if you’re having a full-on day. You can learn about another person’s outlook on life just as much as your own.

“The Social Diary girls love The Hub because it gives us a chance to mingle with people working in all different types of industries. Also, as a small business The Hub allows us to expand our social circles and meet a lot more people.”

Georgia Dawes

Manager, Social Diary

Social Diary is a members-only website dedicated to sharing an events calendar and valuable information for the PR/media industries.

Fresh Egg socialising at wine down, Hub Sydney

Oh, and there are plenty of opportunities to socialise; whether that’s at our weekly ‘Mixed Bag’ lunches every Thursday ($10 member banquet), an after work business-event, the running club, Friday wine down sessions (Friday 5pm drinks) or on a harbour boat party, to name a few.

Mixed bag lunch at Hub Sydney

Networking & business opportunities

Where else would you run into a lawyer, web designer, French champagne importer, recruiter or fitness app creator under the same roof? Aside from the social conversations, it’s a great avenue for research and understanding different business verticals.

Sydney is small and everyone tends to know somebody in your network. And Hubbers tend to look after each other. So if you need some assistance fast, you’ll usually find advice no further than a desk away and “mates rates” can be a big help. Training sessions and mentoring programs are frequently scheduled, too.

“The HUB provides a rare opportunity for professionals from diverse industries, with varying skills and expertise, to collaborate and socialise in an environment that encourages innovation, productivity and creativity.

Conventional notions of excellence and enjoyment being mutually exclusive are set aside in this collegiate space which allows all types of professions and trades to flourish. Feeling it!”

William Attoh

Principal director, Legal Made Easy

Legal Made Easy provides a wide range of quality legal services in a practical, affordable and accessible fashion.

Boost your wellbeing

Your mental, emotional and physical health is just as important as the fabulous work you produce. So of course, there are lots of outlets for you to refuel your body and spirit. The meditation room boasts a hammock (for relaxation and those much needed cat naps), plus weekly massage and yoga sessions.

Our PPC director Su welcomes the chance to escape digital data and clear her head in the meditation room:

Su Nijhawan

"My personal favourite activity is the free access to meditation/yoga room. Sometimes when I am stressed or need a moment to concentrate, I access this room and try to collect all my thoughts in one place. The ambience is very welcoming and serene”

Su Nijhawan

PPC director, Fresh Egg Australia

A quick round of ping pong is great for those wanting to get their endorphins flowing at the cliché table tennis. And if you’re seeking some food for thought, you can find donated books in the library.

Mike Hagley and Sean Nunan playing ping pong at Hub Sydney


Move over all hours gyms. Co-working spaces often offer 24/7 access, too. This means early starts, later nights and popping in on the weekend are all possible – especially if you have kids or fitness routines that you need to fit working patterns around.

In the CBD, but not of it

I can’t tell you how fabulous it is to be just a stone’s throw away from the CBD. The Hub is literally three blocks from the grid – which means transport and getting to work is easy, and you’re not stuck in the hustle and bustle of CBD workers.

There are also cool cafes and lunch hot spots that you don’t have to struggle for table reservations. Stroll up to the Cross, hang out in trendy Surry Hills, work up a sweat at The Domain or have a picnic in Hyde Park under the sun. The choices are endless!

Have I exhausted all the benefits? If not, feel free to add your own co-working hub experiences in the comments please.

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