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Here we are again to fill you in on the latest digital marketing news. In this edition, Google upgrades its structured data dashboard and adds cars into its Knowledge Graph, Instagram announces instant messaging, Google+’s +Post ads are released and Facebook organic reach is declining. Read on to find out more.

Google upgrades Structured Data dashboard with an errors report

Google has announced an update to the Structured Data dashboard within Google Webmaster Tools. This is to help webmasters debug any problems they may be having with structured data on their sites. Website owners have previously only been able to test whether Google can read and extract marked-up data using the Structured Data Testing Tool previously, so this is a welcome addition to the data Google gives us within their Webmaster Tools platform. 

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You can click through to find more information about which individual errors were detected during the crawl. Google has also created a structured data error graph that shows errors over time.

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More information can be found on Google’s official Webmaster Central blog.

For further information on best practice for rich snippets, structured data, and any other digital marketing advice your business may need, contact our team here

Cars are added to Google’s Knowledge Graph

Google has announced cars will be added to its knowledge graph and search results. This includes carousel results and an information box on the right hand side. Within this information box, searchers will find information about the vehicle, including the name, make, price, MPG, engine sizes, other models and related cars. This will enable searchers to compare different variants of the same car at the beginning of the buying cycle.

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Although initially available only in the US, it’s unlikely to be too long until this Knowledge Graph change is rolled out to worldwide searches.

Google+ +Post ads

This week has seen the launch of +Post ads from Google+. These ads are G+ posts that you turn into display ads that then run across the web. People will be able to add a comment, follow the brand and give a +1 from the ad.

When an ad is clicked on, it will open up in a lightbox, showing the full social action engagement and you only pay when people actually comment, +1 and share your content.

The ad uses the Google Display network to allow users to target their ads by demographics, affinity, segments and contextual targeting.

Find out more about +Post ads or sign up for the beta trial.

The video below is an example from Google of how Toyota reaches new customers with + Post ads.

Facebook Pages: organic reach is declining

Facebook has released a report saying that organic page post reach is going to “gradually decline over time”. Guess how Facebook has suggested you combat this? That’s right, by using paid distribution. 

Facebook claims that competition for each News Feed story is increasing and it wants to ensure that the focus is on quality content. This could be a problem for smaller businesses that have put effort into acquiring a fan base on the network, as without paid posts, many of these fans simply won’t see their updates. Yet, Facebook says having a large fan base will improve your ad effectiveness if you do decide to go down this route. 

Find out more from Facebook about what this means for your business.

Will you be considering paid distribution to ensure your posts get seen? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Instagram Direct

Deviating away from photos and videos for the first time, Instagram has announced Instagram Direct. The new feature will allow you to send messages, complete with any pictures and videos you have taken, to specific friends or a group of up to 15 recipients. If the other user is not following you, it will go into a pending inbox for their approval. 

Instagram’s founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom, said: “What a lot of people associate with us is beautiful photography, but the new way to communicate in the world doesn’t really strike a chord with beautiful photography, they seem really disparate”.

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You can find more information on Instagram’s official blog

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