Facebook Business Page Changes - Possible Update On the Way

Written by David Somerville - 30 Mar 2016

We've been alerted to some changes to Facebook Business Pages from one of our Fresh Eggers this afternoon, which could indicate some potential updates on the way to Facebook Business Pages.

Using the desktop version he has noticed that he is no longer able to 'use Facebook as...PAGE NAME', meaning he is unable to switch between using his personal account and his business page.

Investigating this further, we have noticed that there is now a feature within the page settings called 'Post Attribution', which seems to allow you to choose whether you post as the page or as your own name:

Facebook Page Post Attribution

At the point of writing there seems to be no official statement from Facebook via their news room and the chatter on Twitter is equally quiet. In fact when I spoke to Matt Navarra, social media director for The Next Web, he wasn't seeing these changes himself (but had noticed some 'weirdness' going on).


One thought is that this could be a way for Facebook to try and encourage more businesses to use it's 'Business Manager', rather than using their personal accounts and attaching Pages to them.

It could well be that they are 'testing' - another colleague is not seeing the 'Export' button within Insights, whereas I can see it myself. 

We will aim to update this if and when Facebook make an official announcement, so follow us on Twitter and we will let you know what this could mean for your business.

Have you seen any changes happening on your Facebook Pages? If so comment below and let us know.