Top 3 Digital Marketing Campaigns We Love This Month

Written by Intern - 03 Jul 2015

Currently being on work experience at Fresh Egg, I was given the opportunity to write a blog post that includes the top three digital marketing campaigns Fresh Egg loves this month. I have enjoyed the experience very much and learnt a lot about digital marketing. The team here are very friendly and welcoming it’s a lovely environment to work in.

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YouTube takes over KitKat wrappers

Nestle and Google have come up with a unique idea that aims to help people make the most of their down time. The new name ‘YouTube Break’ is appearing on 6,000,000 KitKat wrappers in the United Kingdom to celebrate KitKat’s 80th anniversary and YouTube turning ten this year.

As part of the campaign, Google is also encouraging users to search for ’KitKat YouTube my break‘ through the voice activation on their smart phone to find videos trending that day.

The limited edition bars are available in shops now.

 Nestle has released a number of videos around the campaign. Well-known YouTuber Marcus Butler and many more have promoted the campaign through their channels by creating comical collaborations advertising the voice activation. Marcus Butler’s video has already had more than 1,500,000 views, 900 YouTube engagements, and many Facebook shares and tweets.

In total, there are 72 differently branded bars for the campaign, including Sporty Break, Lunch Break, Office Break or Me Time Break. You can join in on Twitter by simply using the hashtag #mybreak.

However, the ad is not being shown on TV. If it was, the campaign would gain more publicity and make consumers increasingly aware of what the two companies are trying to achieve.

Dancing traffic light entertains pedestrians and improves safety

People often ignore the ‘red man’ at pedestrian lights in order to cross the road sooner. Unfortunately, this can lead to accidents. Car manufacturer Smart has created an experiment to see if it could improve safety at traffic lights by motivating pedestrians to wait for the green man.

The dancing traffic light man is a campaign ’For More Safety’. While it obviously is fun, it does serve a more serious purpose. According to the video, the dancing traffic light made 81% more people stop and wait before crossing the road. When you’re entertained, you’re less likely to cheat a red light, which is a dangerous habit, especially in busy streets.


 The ad is part of Smart's #WhatAreYouFor campaign, which emphasises the company's dedication to safety. Smart’s goal ‘is to make life in the city easier, more beautiful and less complicated’.

Similarly, Volkswagen has also run social experiments as part of the Fun Theory Campaign. The campaign includes a piano staircase aimed to encourage people to take the stairs instead of the escalator and a bottle bank arcade machine encouraging people to recycle in the city. These are both great examples that complement the Smart campaign for safer, cleaner cities.

 IBM makes outdoor ads useful in Smarter Cities campaign


IBM has put a functional twist on the People for Smarter Cities campaign by creating outdoor ads to replace old billboards. However, these ads have multifunctional purposes. They double up as a bench, a shelter or a ramp.

Their mission is to bring together citizens, city leaders and smart ideas,- in order to spark positive change in cities all around the world.

On 5 June, it was World Environment Day. To mark the occasion, People4SmarterCities came up with the idea ‘Sketch Backs’: an online imitative plan to spark people’s ideas for improving cities. The project was run through the brand’s Twitter account @P4SCities. The aim was to encourage awareness and action for the environment worldwide. All people had to do was tweet an innovative solution to a problem and IBM’s team of illustrators would draw it and tweet it to the person. At the end of the day, IBM picked the best four ideas. The final ideas will be sent to the creative team that specialises in turning ideas into creations.

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