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Roses Are Red: 7 of the Best Valentine's Day Campaigns - Plus How to Plan Your Content Around Key Dates

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just one of the big calendar events marketing directors can use to push their brand in the hope that their customers will say those three little words: ’I love you‘ (preferably loudly, on Facebook or Twitter).

We only have to look at last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday to know that the lead up to big calendar events such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween can drive consumers into a frenzy. Read ‘Online Shopping and High Street Stores – What Retailers Can Learn for Christmas 2015’ by Fresh Egg's online content creator Tiffany Holland to find out more about the impact of Black Friday on the retail sector.

Planning your marketing activity

To carry out an effective timely marketing campaign clearly takes preparation and planning.

To help with the planning of such campaigns, Fresh Egg creates digital marketing planners for its clients to help organise their cross-channel activity. A planner of this kind will include key universal calendar events, such as Valentine’s Day, as well as any key dates or themes pertaining to a client’s specific sector.

The planners ensure that content is created around these dates and that promotion is correctly scheduled to deliver the most engaging content to the audience at the right time, maximising the impact for business owners.

Top tips for planning a digital marketing campaign around a calendar event

    • When?
      Know your dates. In addition to global events and holidays, have you searched for national and local events relevant to your business’ sector? The events you decide to work around may inform a theme to your content.

    • Who?
      Know your audience. Read this blog post from Fresh Egg’s inbound marketing manager Lana Burgess and decide who you are aiming your campaigns at.

    • What?
      Know your content. Are you promoting a deal or discount? Or a series of whitepapers? What is the search landscape? What are competitors doing? How does content fit into your buying cycle? Once you have an idea of the content theme and audience, you can start getting creative.

    • How?
      Perfect your tone. Whatever you do, make sure you are reinforcing your brand’s values with your tone. Chatty? Professional? Informative? And think of what content types your audience will enjoy consuming the most.

  • Where?
    Consider your channel. Email can be useful to target existing customers, while competitions can boost social engagement. Your target audience may dictate which platforms the various content types within your campaign will best hosted on as well as the social platforms that will work best to promote your campaign.

Holidays give traditional and digital marketers alike a great excuse to push their products and services at a time when consumers are prepared to spend. And Valentine's Day is not a holiday to be missed for retailers.

“The Valentine’s Day 2014 shopping period helped boost sales in the online retail sectors traditionally associated with romantic presents – lingerie recorded a year-on-year increase of 24%, whilst health & beauty, which includes perfume and cosmetics, reported 25% growth on the same time last year.”

- Andy Mulcahy, insight editor at UK online retail association IMRG

So, how can brands make sure they grab their fair share of the boosted sales? At times like these, companies need to plan ahead in order to come up with online ideas that are going to wow their audience and draw attention to their brand. What can we learn about planning for Valentine’s Day 2016 from the people who did rich content campaigns well in 2015?

At Fresh Egg, our content team creates effective content planners and calendars for clients. Find out more about our content marketing services.

Take a look at some example campaigns from Valentines Day 2015 below, split by marketing channel.



The video on Topshop’s homepage took us through the Valentine’s dilemmas of awkward silences and all-important outfits involved in a first date. It’s funny and engaging and, most importantly, it connects with its teenage/young adult target audience.

Topshop showed off its new range as the models in the video try on different outfits. Customers can then shop the video and put together outfits depending on what type of date they are going on.

Topshop Valentines outfit


The video has been viewed almost 286,585 times on the brand’s Facebook page and over 13,000 views on YouTube (as of 26 November 2015), proving the popularity of good rich content.

Tiffany & Co.

2015 seemed to be the year of Valentine’s videos. Embarking on a ‘concierge of love’ theme and providing their audience with tips such as ‘A Tiffany ring never goes unanswered’, Tiffany & Co produced five shoppable animations to promote gifts people can buy for their loved ones (or persuade their partners to buy for them!) Throughout the videos, the ‘shop the video’ icon allowed the audience to view the products shown and add them to their basket.

They continued the concierge of love theme on Twitter, pushing tweets out with the hashtag #VDayTips:


Instilling a sense of urgency in its email audience,, launched an email campaign with a countdown to the big day, displaying the remaining number of days in the subject field and offering a promotional 10% off gifts.

Not On The High Street email

Sykes Cottages

Another company using email to target its audience on Valentine’s Day was Fresh Egg's client, Sykes Cottages. Sykes Cottages ran a campaign that offered people on their mailing list ‘3-night Valentine’s breaks from only £113’.

Sykes Cottages email

The deal was reinforced on their website, where there was a specific tab dedicated to Valentine’s Day, inviting users to click on the romantic features we would associate with a Valentine’s break (for example hot tubs, four poster beds, or an open fire) to find the cottages which contain those features.”

Social media campaigns


Ryanair launched a competition on Twitter with the hashtag #loveRyanair, encouraging people to post images of themselves and their loved ones, and asking them to pick their dream romantic getaway destination for the chance to win free flights.

Ryanair Valentine's promotion



Tesco took to Twitter with its hashtag #loveisallaround, focusing on romance in the aisles: 

Tesco used Vine videos to create simple, funny stories which play freely on Twitter, instantly engaging the follower and creating a sense of fun around Tesco’s brand.

Tesco also Tweeted Valentine’s related images incorporating food, for example, ‘Brie Mine’. 


Debenhams used Valentine’s Day as a focus point on its homepage and introduced offers on specific products such as perfume, flowers, lingerie and jewellery. Each offer displayed within the graphic was clickable. Beneath the offers, Debenhams stated all delivery options to remind us there is more than one method to get our gifts delivered in time for Valentine’s Day.

Debenhams Valentine's offers


Debenhams offered ‘more ideas’ for ‘gifts for him’ and ‘gifts for her’, making it easy for us to browse its ‘Gifts Designed for Love’ and navigate to the most relevant products. This online campaign was supported by social media promotions across Twitter and Facebook, for example: 

For more information on how to best manage your content calendar or campaigns leading up to key calendar events, contact us online here to speak to our expert team.