Fresh Egg Gains Insight into Microformats

This past Friday, 28 October, we were fortunate to have a great presentation from Madgex Creative Director, Glenn Jones, on Microformats, Google, and SEO.

Glenn has been an evangelist for Microformats for several years now and he kindly came in to our Worthing-based HQ to share his thoughts on recent developments.

For those new to this, Microformats are a type of code, which provides a way to add extra data to web content and increase semantic richness.  This is beneficial to both humans and computers.

Microformats are now being used widely by a new generation of web authors to make websites more search engine friendly.

Glenn’s presentation covered the different Microformat standards available.  He let us in on his thoughts around the most appropriate formats, the future of Microformat standards and coding, and what Google is doing with the inclusion of rich snippets in search results.

Using Google’s new recipe search, Glenn demonstrated why and how this has become a hot topic in the SEO industry.  He also described the importance of incorporating Microformats into SEO strategies going forward.

If you’d like further information, the slides from Glenn’s presentation are available on his blog…