Mobile Traffic Statistics Infographic

This infographic shows data from a selection of 40 sites that have significant traffic (at least 1000 unique visits per day, average). The sites covered the following four main market sectors: Tech and Electronics, Health and Beauty, News and Travel. Data from 10 sites of each niche were used.

Forbes Mobile Traffic Statistic Infographic

Some key takeaways:

  • Percentage of organic search traffic from mobile devices has increased at a greater rate than total combined traffic from mobiles
  • iPhone has been overtaken by iPad as the mobile operating system delivering most traffic
  • Travel is the market where mobile traffic and mobile organic search traffic has seen biggest growth

Other points:

  • Some may wonder why Windows OS is not represented. The truth is the average proportion traffic from Windows was too low to warrant including.
  • Due to SEO activity taking place on a number of sites included in the sample, the stats relating to changes in percentages of traffic from organic search may be skewed slightly.