Major Changes Coming to Your Facebook Business Page Following Redesign

Here at Fresh Egg, we are seeing a brand new design for Facebook Pages. The redesign looks to follow in the footsteps of the mobile redesign that Facebook made last year. 

As of right now, there does not look to be any functionality changes to the Pages; the changes are merely cosmetic. However, they will likely change how users interact with your Page on desktop.

Key changes include:

  • The overall width of the content on the page has increased, leading to a larger sized cover image (1012px width compared to the previous 828px)
  • The profile image is now much smaller (70x70px compared to the previous 160x160px)
  • The  lower left-hand side of the cover photo is no longer covered up by the profile photo
  • There is now an '@' symbol  to support those messaging the business via Facebook Messenger)
  • The right-hand side ads have been removed
  • The CTA button is now more prominent and below the cover image rather than overlaid
  • The 'Like' button is a lot less prominent than ever before

  • The top navigation has been moved to the left-hand side
  • The previous left-hand side content is now found on the right of the your posts
  • 'People also like' section now appears on the right-hand side

Although it appeared in the old design, the summary opening time and review box looks to have continued to be a key part of the redesign.

The removal of right-hand side adverts is not a surprise, given that Facebook users are becoming increasingly mobile-only. 51.7% of Facebook users access the service only on mobile, which equates to 894 million people. Google has also recently taken similar steps by removing its own paid ads from the right-hand side of its search results.

Facebook is known to heavily test design changes, and we are seeing the old page design on other accounts, but this looks to be a large test and one we can imagine will roll out soon.

Have you seen this redesign on your Facebook Pages? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!

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