5 Ways Your Brand Should Be Using Social Media in 2014

Written by Intern - 12 Mar 2014

Last Thursday I spoke at Brighton Social Media, a monthly networking meet up for professionals working in digital marketing, as well as those with an interest in it.

Social media marketing in 2014 is not just the odd update on Facebook, there is so much further you can go to get your brand noticed AND engaged with on social platforms. Even if resource is restricted, innovative ideas can go a long way.

Here are my five top ways brands should be using social media in 2014.

1.     Innovative customer service

I’m sure many of you reading this have used Facebook or Twitter to contact a company. It can be a faster and, dare I say, more satisfying way to complain or get an answer to a question. According to Our Social Times, 71% of consumers complain online because traditional channels have failed, so this is something I recommend you’re on top of.

Salesforce has described what they call the ‘Big 7 Customer Service tweets’ which should be covered, but social customer service CAN and SHOULD be far more innovative. Social customer service should be personal and add value. See my slide deck at the end of this blog post for some further examples.

Source: https://twitter.com/sainsburyspr

2.     Video content

Capturing the attention of internet users is increasingly difficult. One of the ways a message can be quickly communicated is with video. Whether this is a seven second Vine, 15 second Instagram video or a more time-consuming project, this is something I recommend you, at the very least, dabble with in 2014.

One way you can produce video content is to answer the questions your customers and future customers are asking. Don’t know what these are yet? Head over to Q&A site Quora and search your industry, brand name or a relevant keyword.

Alternatively, you could produce a fake ‘leaked’ video such as this one, claiming to be just that, from the National Trust. Sadly, the National Trust claim they had nothing to do with it, though it did make them chuckle. #Hawkward

3.     Paid social media advertising

Paid social media advertising will continue to grow in 2014, with the projected spend increasing to $7.1 billion: with changes such as Facebook’s recent algorithm update, that has seen users see a decrease in the organic reach of their page posts, this could easily be more.

Source: http://www.biakelsey.com/

There are a number of advantages to running paid ads on social. The level of targeting means you can reach a very specific audience and the depth of reporting many platforms offer can help you communicate ROI to your client or boss.

Last week, Facebook began rolling out a new campaign structure for their ads which should offer better control over setting budgets for targeting different audiences. An inexpensive and very simple way of advertising on Facebook is to use Promoted Posts to increase reach, level of engagement and drive traffic to your website.

 Another social advertising option we have seen success with here at Fresh Egg is Promoted Tweets and Accounts from Twitter. More information on this and many other forms of social media advertising can be found in our free Essential Guide to social media advertising ebook.

4.     Find your influencers

Source: www.sap.com

If you haven’t already, I recommend you begin finding the influential people in your industry and start building relationships with them in order to secure them as brand advocates further down the line.

According to this Nielsen report, “92% of consumers around the world say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends over all other forms of advertising,” this is where the brand advocate comes in.

 However, how do you find these influencers in the first place? Some free tools that can make it easier are Followerwonk, Buzzsumo and Tactics Cloud. Tactics Cloud searches Twitter users’ bios by keyword, and you can easily build lists of potential influencers to follow.

5.     Integrate with email

Perhaps one of the most forgotten, but most effective, areas of optimising your social media activity is to integrate it with your email campaigns.

A number of options, from creating an email subscription app on your Facebook page, to embedding a tweet as part of your email, can be effective. For example, HubSpot provide ‘Lazy Tweet’ to encourage their email audience to share a small excerpt from the email.

Another valuable way to integrate both audiences is to upload your email lists as Custom Audiences in Facebook’s Power Editor. This way you can create targeted Facebook ads to segmented audiences that have already shown an interest in your business.

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