Video: How to set up a Google+ brand page

It's just a couple of days since Google+ launched brand pages and many businesses and brands, both large and small, are already getting involved and creating their new page.

Fresh Egg firmly believes that Google+ brand pages are an essential part of any digital media strategy, not just due to the obvious social media benefits, but also the tangible links to social search.

Already we have seen the "+" operator change in organic search, which now shows brand pages from Google+.  With the world's leading search engine firmly behind Google+, you can bet it will be taking more and more notice of the social elements that have started to play a part in determining search positions.

There are some issues with cyber thieves too. Those unscrupulous criminals who are creating pages for companies and brands despite having no link to them, and then probably trying to hold you to ransom when you do want to adopt Google+.  So the message is; even if you don't want to actively participate right now, the very least you can do is protect your brand and start a brand page.

That's why we have put together this easy to follow video tutorial, which in less than 12 minutes will leave you with a fully optimised Google+ brand page.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments or feel free to contact us to discuss further and we'll ensure we do our best to answer them.