Facebook gets serious about 20% rule

A few weeks ago, you may remember we blogged about the http://socialfresh.com/facebook-content-new-20-percent-rule for more examples.








Images courtesy of socialfresh.com

To use this tool to test your own cover photos, go to http://coverphoto.paavo.ch/ and type the link of the Facebook page you want to check.

Testing the Fresh Egg Facebook  cover photo reveals it is well under the 20% rule, with just three boxes highlighted as including ‘text’ in orange at the bottom. However, the more observant of you may have noticed the Fresh Egg logo (top right), the website text (top left) and the builder on the left with Fresh Egg on his high-vis jacket could be included as text as well. Dear Facebook, please clarify!



Facebook’s definition of the 20% rule is fairly vague. Further clarification is certainly needed, particularly regarding whether images of text are covered by the 20% rule. However, when referring to logos and slogans, Facebook heavily emphasises that these should be used ‘sparingly’, so this is worth bearing in mind.

Facebook has claimed that “users react negatively to content that they perceive as inauthentic or impersonal”, which includes text in brand images.

They cite the grid-based tool as a way of testing images. However, they also claim that when enforcing this rule, they will “side with clients when borderline,” as long as the client isn’t exploiting policy loopholes. This subjective method is no doubt causing some confusion.

To find out more about Facebook’s guidelines and for details of best practices, have a read here: http://fbrep.com/SMB/News_Feed_Ad_Images_Best_Practices%20.pdf

Has your/your client’s cover photo been rejected because of the 20% rule? Drop us a comment with your experiences or opinions below.